Year in review

2,000,000 icons and counting ...

In 2017 we added 16,821 free and 810,390 premium icons and thus went over and above the 2 million mark. It took us nine years to add the first million, and just one more year to double up.

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Most popular icons

The most popular icon set was made by Nick Roach: Circle Icons
The five most downloaded free and premium icons show that the glyph style is still the most popular.

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Most popular searches

We had 41,667,349 of searches across 999,849 of different search terms. Top 10 most used search terms represented 6% of all searches.

1. Facebook
2. Arrow
3. Download
4. Instagram
5. Phone
6. User
7. Search
8. Home
9. Youtube
10. Email

Most followed designers

We are proud to grow together with our hard-working community of icon designers. 664 new talents joined Iconfinder in 2017, bringing their unique styles and increasing the total pool of designers to 2,222.

Laura Reen

Most featured designers

While reviewing hundreds of new icon set submissions every day, our team picks several to be displayed on our Featured page. Here are three designers we featured the most in 2017.

S Leonov
29 featured sets
Alpár-Etele Méder
26 featured sets
23 featured sets

$602,615 CASHED OUT

In 2017 our contributors earned a total of $602,615. Besides stock icon sales they also delivered 82 custom icon design projects worth $25,987.


For the second year in a row, Iconfinder created a fun occasion for local design community to meet, socialize and get inspired by three great talks given by local and international speakers: Meg Robichaud from Shopify, Tim Allison from Zendesk and Nicky Grunfeld from Trustpilot.

Dribbble Meetup Copenhagen 2017

Week of icons

This November, we joined forces with Adobe Illustrator to give a tribute to what we love the most—the craftsmanship of icon design. We called this celebration the Week of Icons.

Celebrating the Craft of Icon Design


Our lovely team of seven shipped a lot of great stuff this year. We also managed to balance that with some quality time with our families and loved ones. We welcomed one baby girl to the world and celebrated one marriage!

When it comes to travelling, we also stayed on top of the game. Our team members travelled to Lima, Mallorca, San Francisco, Pompeii, Barcelona, Lloret de Mar, Milan, Malaga, Seville, Valencia, Budapest, Amsterdam, Burgas, Berlin, Prague, Lednice, Mikulov, Kaunas, Madeira, Almeria, Granada… Yes, we love Spain 😅

Here's to a great 2018!