The Week Of Icons is now over. You can still download the animated GIFs from this page. Full icon set in SVG and PNG can be purchased on Iconfinder.


  • 36 icons in SVG and PNG + 5 animated icons
  • Designed by Monkik

About the icon set

Winter might be the coldest and darkest part of the year - at least in some regions. Nevertheless, keeping the holiday spirit alive can turn it into the most cheerful and happy season of them all. That is the story portrayed in this freebie pack, which contains 36 flat vector icons.

About the designer

Monkik, whose real name is Aphiradee Yuangsri, is an illustrator and icon designer from Thailand. Before turning to icon design, she used to focus on photography and was contributing to stock photo marketplaces.

Monkik starts her design process by sketching icons in a notebook and then continues the work in Adobe Illustrator CC. "The biggest challenge for me, when designing icons, is controlling the level of detail. When I create icons, I tend to put too many details initially. I have to remind myself to keep it balanced", Aphiradee says.