The Week Of Icons is now over. You can still download the animated GIFs from this page. Full icon set in SVG and PNG can be purchased on Iconfinder.

Holidays & Events

  • 60 icons in SVG and PNG + 5 animated icons
  • Designed by Roundicons

About the icon set

Glyphs are still the most popular style of icons. But how can one make them more interesting? While creating this pack of 60 glyph vectors, Roundicons team was focusing on experimenting with negative space and portraying fluidity through neatly rounded shapes.

"This set is part of a big pack containing 2,200 icons called Roundies. The intention was to create icons that would look beautiful whether you use them in small sizes in an app or in a large scale on a billboard. We used the Corner tool in Adobe Illustrator CC heavily to get everything rounded. Circles have no beginning or end, and they send a sense of movement and fluidity in design, and this was what we wanted each icon to represent", Roundicons team tells about their set.

About the designer

Roundicons is a team of friends and icon designers collaborating across the globe, including US, Egypt, Germany, Holland, and Indonesia. The team leader is Ramy Wafaa, who started his graphic design journey twelve years ago. At that point, he was specializing in logo and UI design. Ramy was struggling to find the right icons for his websites and started noticing the importance of icon design. Five years ago, Ramy made a step to switch to working with icon design full-time.

"We design icons because we enjoy the process of creating a visual language that communicates without limitations", Ramy says.