The Week Of Icons is now over. You can still download the animated GIFs from this page. Full icon set in SVG and PNG can be purchased on Iconfinder.

Christmas Flat Set

About the icon set

Being born in a region that does not have cold winters, Max from the Chanut is Industries team based in Thailand had to look for inspiration for his winter icons online. A picture of a silent Christmas night caught his attention and inspired him to translate that imagery into these 15 stunning vectors.

About the designer

Max Pinwiset, a creator of this Christmas-themed set, is a member of an icon design team from Thailand, called Chanut is Industries. The icon design community has been growing a lot in Thailand in the past couple of years, and that’s also thanks to companies like Chanut is Industries, that gather young talents and help them teach each other icon design.

Max, who now publishes his work under Maxicons name, uses Adobe Illustrator CC to create his icons. "I think it has everything you could wish for to create an icon as you envision it", the designer says.