Color editor

Last updated on Apr 22nd, 2022

With the editor, you can change the colors of all vector icons and illustrations in a matter of a few seconds.

Start by opening the icon or illustration in the editor by clicking on Open in color editor button under the item.

The editor reads all colors that are present in the icon or illustrations. You can see them on the left side.

You can click on every color and then adjust it by either choosing a color from the color picker or typing in the color’s HEX code.

To make your future editing easier, you can save your frequently used colors in the editor. Click on the + icon next to the HEX field and the color is saved.

You are also able to save all your edited versions by clicking Save version.

Then, you will be able to see your editing history on the right-hand side panel. If you don’t like the version that you made, you can always come back to the original.

After you’ve done all changes, you can download the item in SVG or PNG format and choose the size you need.

You can find all your downloaded or saved versions in saved edits.