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Available in SVG, PNG and AI format

Approved for re-selling and commercial use

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Using the Extended Icon Library to add massive value for their illustration packages which can be bought directly from the UI of the company's website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing and payment

What are the payment options?

You will receive an invoice every month which can be paid by either bank transfer, credit card or paypal. You can pay monthly, quarterly or annually. We give you a 2-month (16%) discount for paying annually.

Can we pay annually?

You can pay month-to-month, quarterly or annual basis. We will even give you a 2-month (16%) discount for paying annually.

Is there a minimum amount of icons to order?

Yes, the minimum is 200 icons to be able to create your own Extended Icon Library.

Can we change amount of icons in our library at any time?

Yes, you can increase the numbers of icons at any time. If you want to decrease or remove a number of icons you’ll have to wait until the agreed commitment ends.

When you have ordered icons to use in your Extended license you commit to pay the subscription fee for that amount of icons for a minimum 6 months. After the six months you can decrease the number of icons.

Can we use the icons after we cancel our subscription?

No. You’re only allowed to use and share the file formats received from Iconfinder unless you have an agreement and ongoing subscription for an Extended Icon Library.

Hosting of icons

Are we hosting the icons locally on our own servers?

Yes. We will send you all the icons you purchase in the file formats you need. You can host the icons locally on your own servers to share the icons in the they you want accordingly to the Extended license.

How do I choose icons?

You can do in two ways. Find the icon sets on you want to add to your Extended Icon Library. Or you can contact us and let us help you find the icons you are searching for.

Can I also get descriptions and tags with the icons?

Yes we deliver both metadata (descriptions and tags) if you need that.

Commercial rights

Icons that are purchased through the Extended Icon Library service are all covered by the license called "The extended license". Read about the commercial rights here:


Can Premium icons be used for commercial use?

Yes, all premium icons are covered by the same license through this service - the Extended license. Read more about the Extended license here:

Can we resell the icons to our users?

Yes, you are allowed to sell the icons themselves, and you are free to charge for the access to the icons. So for example you can have the Premium icons available in a web design tool and charge your customer for access to it. You are not allowed to simply offer the users the icons for download and thereby creating a competing service to Iconfinder.

Can the icons be used as logos?

No, you are not allowed to use icons as logos. Icons and logos are inherently different since icons aims at being generic and broadly recognized and logos should be unique. Using icons as logos can result in legal issues since it’s problematic to trademark a widespread generic symbol.

When we pay for Premium icons do we need to credit the designer?

No, all icons bought with the Extended license do not require attribution of any kind.

Can we use the icons on items for sale such as t-shirts, cups etc.?

Yes, with the Extended license you use the icons on items for sale.

Usage of icons

Is there any limits on usage of icons?

No there is no limit. As long as you have paid for the Extended license, you and your users can use the icons as much as you want. There is no download limits or other limits tied to the usage of icons through this service.

Can I offer the icons with Extended license for free to my users?

Yes. How you want to present and offer the icons for your users is totally up to you, as long as it covers the license which you can read here: