Online icon editor

You have found the icon youโ€™ve been looking for, but the colors donโ€™t quite match your brand colors.

Now you have a simple, yet powerful tool that lives in your web browser, loads up in a split second and lets you recolor, edit and tweak icons easily.

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Editing icons has never been easier

All vector icons on Iconfinder have a new Edit icon button that opens the icon in the editor. It's also possible to use the editor for icons from your hard drive.

Change colors

Match your brand colors

Often changing colors is enough to make an icon blend perfectly into your design or presentation. With the icon editor, editing colors is a breeze.

Click the element you want to recolor, choose the color picker from the left-hand menu and select the color you want.

Add text to icons

Write it out

Icons and text go hand in hand. You may want to add a small label under the icon or add text on top of it. It's all possible.

All you need to do is select the (T) icon on the left-hand side and click where you want to place the text.

Export with a few clicks

Export to SVG or PNG

Once you are done editing, it's easy to export into SVG or PNG. The SVG format is perfect for the web since it's widely supported by modern browsers. It's also an ideal format for print since it's vector based. PNG is great in many cases and works with most software including Powerpoint.

Read our guidelines for formats

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The Icon Editor & Iconfinder Pro

With Iconfinder Pro you get access to all 8 million icons. For all icons you have the choice of downloading them or edit them before downloading.

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