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Aquave Platinium

8 raster icons by Laurent Baumann & David Lanham   License: Free for personal use only

Aquave Platinium

Dec 31st, 2011
License: Free for personal use only
Vector: No
Category: Desktop apps
Style: Smooth
Homepage: Visit homepage


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ORIGINAL POST: I know I'm incredibly late to the party but I have recently discovered and subsequently fallen in love with the Aquave Icon Set and the original folder design by Laurent Baumann (http://lbaumann.com/aquave/) and I was wondering if there is any interest in reviving the project? This is just a screen shot of what I am working on, I've got about a dozen icons completed. I've taken the original template and updated it in Photoshop CS4 for the Expanded IconFactory IconBuilder 8.5.1 plug-ins. I've added some noise over a grey version of the folders and included a 24x24 icon not part of the original templates. Here are a few of the works in progress (several are not my glyphs and not releasable). But I am wondering if there is any interest in a project like this? Does anyone stil use Aquave and do they want to see it continued? Or is this a dead icon set?

UPDATE: Great news! The world renowned artist Mr. David Lanham has granted me permission to use his wonderfully detailed icon set Aqua from the IconFactory (http://iconfactory.com) which will play the role of the stylized folder glyphs and so work begins in earnest. And there is now a download here! The download link is a little taste of what these will look like. There are 8 sample icons now. The download has a Mac image with icons, ICNS, and a CandyBar Icontainer as well as Windows ICO files and 512 pixel PNGs of each. Here's a discussion I started over on MacThemes in the WIP forum (http://macthemes2.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=16796488) on this project.

UPDATE #2: For more progress on this project check out the Snow Sabre Aquave post (http://hotiron.deviantart.com/art/WIP-Snow-Sabre-Aquave-Platinum-156607118).

CREDITS: All I am doing here is combing work of other great digital artists so I take no credit whatsoever for this project (unless it ends up sucking and then I'll take full responsibility ). All credit must go to Monsieur Laurent Baumann (http://lbaumann.com/aquave/) for his now historic Aquave folder design and open-source template available from the Aquave Project. All credit must equally go to Mr. David Lanham and the leading digital design shop IconFactory (http://iconfactory.com) for the sublimely artistic Aqua icon set (http://iconfactory.com/freeware/preview/agua) used here as stylized glyphs.