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Front Row [1.3] Realistic Skin 1.1

Andre Manga mugenb16 manga.andre@gmail.com mugenb16.deviantart.com

the original page for this skin is: http://www.deviantart.com/download/48226705/ you can download the latest version here: http://www.deviantart.com/download/48226705/

Well, I've created a new 512x512 pixel Skin for Front Row 1.3. It probably works with the earlier versions too. This is a very easy hack to apply and is not dangerous since it only modifies the png files within the Front Row app, and I've provided backup icons for you too. Inspiration for this skin was drawn from Iiro Jppinen [iiroku.deviantart.com] and Lokheed [lokheed.deviantart.com]. Thanks to Iiro for being so kind to let me use his Front Row Icon for the folder. :-) Cheers m8!

  1. Double Click the "Resources" alias. alias path: Front Row Realistic Skin Folder/New Icons/Resources

  2. Manually delete these files [in the Resources alias] BEFORE moving the new ones in (as a result of permissions.)

inside the alias the files are: DVDIcon.png MusicIcon.png PhotosIcon.png VideosIcon.png ^^delete these^^

  1. Now Simply copy the 4 icons in the New Skin folder to the "Resources" alias folder. [located in the New Icons folder] Authentication is required. Enter your admin login/pass and replace away.

  2. Logout, and log back in! Done. Cmd-Esc. New Front Row! Snazzy! :-)

The original icons are included in this download should you choose to revert back to front row virgin - for whatever reason.

Notes: I made the DVD icon black because I felt it interfered with the 'feel' and the rest of the dark icons. If you prefer the original then use it from the original folder.

comments, complaints, raves etc. always welcomed: manga.andre@gmail.com

credit: Iiro Jppinen [iiroku.deviantart.com] icon inspiration and Front Row Folder Icon. Thank You. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/26825883/ credit: Lokheed [lokheed.deviantart.com] icon inspiration

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