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About the icon set
Author: Xinh Studio
Added: Oct 2nd, 2013
License: Basic license
Vector: Yes
Categories: Flags
Style: Flat
Icon set description

Flat circular flags for most of countries in the world

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02:04 15-07-2016
Are you able to add the Northern Ireland flag? I see someone else requested it before but I can't find it in the icon list, only the Republic of Ireland flag.
02:19 15-07-2016
Ah, the flag that's usually used for Northern Ireland is this one:
09:18 23-10-2015
Can you also deliver package with PNGs?
09:20 23-10-2015
The PNGs are included in the package automatically.
11:22 02-07-2015
I currently build a website that supports most countries in the world. I made extensive research and found that the following countries (among others) are missing. All of these countries have a population of at least 50.000, some even into several hundred thousands. It would be great to see those included. RE - Reunion (AF, 840k) MQ - Martinique (NA, 386k) YT - Mayotte (AF, 213k) JE - Jersey (EU, 100k) IM - Isle of Man (EU, 86k) GG - Guernsey (EU, 66k) MP - Northern Mariana Islands (Antarctica, 54k) It would further be extremely helpful, if all filenames would start with their ISO2 code. Thanks!
09:59 03-07-2015
I will consider adding those flags. Regarding the filenames, they will be renamed automatically by the iconfinder system. However I provide a script to change the filename to ISO format. How to use the script can be found here:
10:27 26-06-2015
Hey there, I bought this set a year ago or so and I just wanted to download it again, as I see you updated some flags. I cannot find an option any more to download every icon on the set though. How may I do that?
11:08 26-06-2015
I see the button "Download all icons" on the top left of the page If you can not see it, I will ask the administrator to see if there is something wrong.
11:18 02-07-2015
Thank you!
22:39 04-06-2015
Hi Linh, This icon set is awesome, and is perfect for the app I'm developing. When I was adding the flags to the app, I found out that flags for the following countries/territories were missing: - Cocos (Keeling) Islands - Ă…land Islands - Christmas Islands - Western Sahara - French Guiana - Guernsey - South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands - Isle of Man - British Indian Ocean Territory - Jersey - The Northern Mariana Islands - Martinique - Norfolk Island - Niue - Saint Pierre and Miquelon - Pitcairn Islands - French Southern and Antarctic Lands - Tokelau - Wallis and Futuna Do you think you can add all or some of them? Thanks in advance!
02:35 05-06-2015
Thank you for using the icons. I will consider adding those flags but it might take some times.
22:41 04-06-2015
Sorry for the format in the post above, it just became like that..
01:26 25-10-2014
Latvia is also wrong :) The stripes should be #9E1B34 according to
06:46 26-10-2014
Thank for your feedback. I made the icon correct. The new one is here
08:42 01-10-2014
Hi! I want you correct Cambodia Flag on temple missing one more stair, there should be 3 stairs.
13:48 01-10-2014
Thank for your feedback. I will correct it.
10:44 29-09-2014
simple concept but useful. Where is VNCH flag? :P
02:34 30-09-2014
14:54 19-09-2014
Wow, now that's what I call responsive!! :-) Thank you Linh Pham!
Iconfinder ApS Iconfinder staff
16:01 19-09-2014
Impressive work, Linh!
14:35 19-09-2014
Do I stress my luck too much if I also ask for the Puerto Rico flag?
14:31 19-09-2014
Brilliant, thank you!
13:21 19-09-2014
I just bought the set, then realized Greenland is not there - could you please do me a BIG favor and add it?
05:51 06-02-2014
Hi, I want to buy this set! but it miss Malaysia flag, which is a high profile in our project. Can you add it soon?
07:23 31-01-2014
Hi, love the flags. The South African flag needs to have the left triangle in Black and not blue. :)
08:07 31-01-2014
Thank you for your comment. I have updated the flag of South African.
08:59 31-01-2014
Excellent! It is perfect now.
17:57 29-01-2014
Oh and it would be very nice to have the flags of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales in there too. You have made the European Union flag, so think the others would fit in very well :-)
13:48 30-01-2014
Thank you very much! I have added the flags of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Flag of India has already been in the set.
14:06 30-01-2014
As far as I can see, there's only the Ireland flag right now. Am I missing something? And it seems the left stripe on the Cameroon flag is blue, but it's really green like this
13:46 30-01-2014
Thanks but those are all UK and not specific to England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales :-)
Iconfinder ApS Iconfinder staff
13:03 31-01-2014
The countries are there now.
13:49 31-01-2014
Excellent - is it me, or is the India flag still just white?
17:55 29-01-2014
Hi The flag of India is missing from the set. And Sri Lanka is in it twice ;-) Cheers Martin
Iconfinder ApS Iconfinder staff
13:45 30-01-2014
Iconfinder ApS Iconfinder staff
13:00 30-01-2014
I have asked the designer to add the flags - waiting for a response.