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About the icon set
Author: Alfredo Hernandez
Added: Apr 8th, 2017
License: Creative Commons (Attribution 3.0 Unported)
Vector: Yes
Icon family: RED Icons
Categories: Social media
Style: Glyph
Homepage: Visit homepage
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19:53 11-05-2017
Just Amzing Icons. Thanks for share this icons. I realy thanks to the all author of this website.
05:08 20-05-2017
Thanks! Keep in touch for more awesome work
22:59 01-05-2017
very nice work, im wanting a social icon doing for my system so others can have them on their site
17:53 05-05-2017
let me know which icon you need
09:10 25-04-2017
Nice work
17:53 05-05-2017
thank you
12:29 17-04-2017
Very nice work! Won't be using them right away, but thought it would be great if there was a generic badge (without content) that we could use to build our own badges. Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing :)
16:03 17-04-2017
Great thanks for checking out, and good idea I did not think about adding a blank shield. will look into it!
20:26 14-04-2017
Awesome, these look great 👍
01:23 17-04-2017
Thanks Ben, working on adding more..
20:22 14-04-2017
Wow, love this design. Awesome icons 😀
01:23 17-04-2017
Hey Oliver Thanks! more coming soon
06:24 08-04-2017
Love it. Super sleek and cool.
20:53 08-04-2017
Awesome, thanks for checking out, I thought they look sleek as well, will be adding more soon