12 vector (SVG) icons by Atomic Lotus · Basic license


Atomic Lotus

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About the icon set
Author: Atomic Lotus
Added: May 1st, 2013
License: Basic license
Vector: Yes
Categories: Abstract
Style: Glyph
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18:28 05-10-2015
Hey Scott! I would like to purchase the image that looks like a lightbulb with spikes around it, but cannot figure out how to get it in white with a transparent background. Can you help me with that?
19:06 05-10-2015
Hi Shanel, If you will go ahead and purchase the icon and send me the SVG file along with your receipt (so I can verify the purchase) at scott_at_iconify_dot_it, I will be happy to convert it to white for you. Thanks!
13:13 19-12-2013
There is no need to keep circular icons smaller than the 24px size. There are two aspects to the templates. The first is the pixel grid (32 x 32). The second aspect is the "form" which is represented by the guide lines (the circle, diagonals, etc). The grid and the form serve two different purposes. The grid should be used to keep line weights consistent and for pixel-perfect design. In order for icons to render crisply they should be designed so that each line and point aligns perfectly to the grid. There's more to it than that but that's the simple explanation of pixel-perfect. The form is used for stylistic consistency. When you design icons, the shapes that make up the icon should align, at least roughly, to the guides. This form is just one possible arrangement but it's a pretty good generic one. Honestly, this is a great subject for an entire blog post.
Iconfinder ApS Iconfinder staff
10:59 19-12-2013
I have a question for the icon template: I downloaded the 24x24 template from https://github.com/iconfinder/icon_templates and I just want to make sure I use it correctly. There are a bunch of guides in the file, including a circular one that is smaller than 24px square - I've pointed it out with an arrow. Screenshot: http://cl.ly/image/1K430z0D1o3J Is it best to keep circular icons to this smaller size within the 24px template?