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91 vector (SVG) icons by Good Stuff No Nonsense · Free for commercial use


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About the icon set
Author: Good Stuff No Nonsense
Added: Mar 31st, 2015
License: Free for commercial use
Vector: Yes
Categories: Social media
Style: Handdrawn
Homepage: Visit homepage
Icon set description

Free for both commercial and personal use, no need to credit but if you choose to do so I will be super happy:-)

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21:40 10-12-2017
Hey! great icon set, we featured it in our list –
21:46 10-12-2017
That's awesome! Thank you :-)
10:57 13-10-2016
Thanks much for these great icons. I'm using a few of your free social media icons and one premium one on my website, I also gave you a mention on my Credits page. Cheers!
11:08 13-10-2016
Thank you for supporting my work :-) Safe travels!
03:20 12-07-2016
this is beautiful! how about a "we heart it" icon?
19:46 26-06-2016
Hi Agata you're amazing, I visited your Web and I saw all your Icons, definately your an Icon of Design, can I use the social icons of facebook, twiter and instagram, I guess I saw that they are free?...I need them for my webcam model page
05:45 27-06-2016
Hey!, thank you for all the kind words! Of course you can use all the social icons you need, they are all free. Good luck!
19:44 26-06-2016
This comment has been deleted.
18:15 20-06-2016
Great set of Icons, looking forward to using them on my latest Web Design !!! Will it be possible for you to update the Google plus icon. Thanks !!
18:40 20-06-2016
Damn! I knew I've forgot something. Sure! I'll will keep that in mind in the next update.
03:40 10-06-2016
I love your icons...It would be awesome if there was a microphone or a profile of a person with lines coming out like a "talking" illustration. The microphone might be easier since I can't seem to explain. Anyway AWESOME icon I LOVE them all!
07:21 10-06-2016
Hi Rae, thanks for all the good words :-) Did you saw the good idea set? I don't recall a microphone or a person talking but you can find a chat bubble there that might be useful a do have a microphone ready but I guess it's not the right kind Anyway, I'm currently working on e-learning set so I'll make sure to include a microphone there.
18:01 10-06-2016
Great thank! I will use the chat bubble for now. I don't mean to be a worrywart but I could use headphones as well. I have another Icon in place for now but it's not uniform. If not no problem. Thanks so much!
13:59 17-05-2016
Great work! It would be cool to put the Telegram icon too! Thanks very much.
13:46 26-04-2016
00:07 24-04-2016
Hey Agata, is there a Myspace icon by any chance?
Hi Agata, Is there a Whatsapp icon in this set by any chance and I'm missing it? Thanks!
14:05 20-03-2016
Unfortunatelly there isn't. I'll include it in the next update.
Wow, thanks a lot! ;-)
14:38 20-03-2016
It won't be soon though. I had an update last weekend. Unles you will find other social media or app icons that are missing but should be included :-)
Ha, no rush. I managed to create it out of your Viber + Line messenger icons. Will let you know if I find other icons missing!
09:04 21-03-2016
19:24 09-03-2016
any chance of a treehouse logo too? these are awesome
08:24 11-03-2016
Sure, expect the update this weekend.
09:46 11-03-2016
amazing - thanks!
13:41 14-03-2016
Amazing, thanks. You can see your icons in action at . I will add a credit to your work when I add the Treehouse icon. Thanks again!
14:34 14-03-2016
Awesome, thanks! :-) And what a sweet cat!
09:10 08-03-2016
This comment has been deleted.
19:33 02-03-2016
Thanks for amazing icons!
08:24 11-03-2016
Thanks Veronika!
03:23 11-12-2015
awesome. Can you add some clipboard icon and that will be perfect.
08:24 11-03-2016
Hi Atuo, is clibboard a social media site?
19:47 06-12-2015
awesome work <3
08:25 11-03-2016
Thanks Sinan!
08:25 11-03-2016
This comment has been deleted.
16:52 24-11-2015
Thank you very much for your work!!
17:01 24-11-2015
My pleasure David :-)
21:29 12-11-2015
These are wonderful -- thank you! Is there any chance you would be able to add an Etsy icon on your next update?
13:20 14-03-2016
09:29 13-11-2015
Oh, yeach I'll make sure of it. Good point, Thanks! :-)
09:39 26-10-2015
great icons, much thanks!
10:03 26-10-2015
Enjoy! :-)
02:58 16-09-2015
Your icons are great, and I have already purchased a few, I was wondering if you can make an Android icon, I would appreciate it.
06:28 16-09-2015
Thank you Gabe, good point! I'll make sure to add this in the next update.
09:43 02-10-2015
Thanks! It's looks great.
09:39 15-09-2015
Really great work. Is it possible to add one more social icon? Here is social network Thanks in advance)
07:01 27-09-2015
Agata, thanks a lot! Great work!
09:44 15-09-2015
Sure, I will add it in the next update :-)
11:21 10-09-2015
Omg this is amazing....would you please please please add "line" messenger for this collection?? Appreciate so much....
06:13 14-09-2015
Hi Alice! I'll make sure to include it in the next update :-)
06:17 22-09-2015
thank youuuuu, can't wait for next update.. alsooo.. i know BBM is dying, but its still quite popular in Indonesia.. could you pleeeease pleaseee add BBM.. only if you have spare time.. love your works!!
15:43 25-09-2015
Omg!!! Thank you!! Really beyond my imagination you really draw line and bbm!!really happy thank you!! Really love your art ..
15:58 25-09-2015
I'm glad you like them:-)
15:43 25-09-2015
Omg!!! Thank you!! Really beyond my imagination you really draw line and bbm!!really happy thank you!! Really love your art ..
06:11 22-09-2015
This comment has been deleted.
15:52 12-08-2015
Awesome! Thank you very much for this.
16:06 12-08-2015
Thank you & enjoy :-)
16:06 12-08-2015
This comment has been deleted.
05:08 05-08-2015
Exactly what I was looking for. Is there a chance you can make a hand drawn viber icon? Thanks a lot!
16:56 05-08-2015
hey, I'm glad that you found it usefull, I will work on updating this set on the weekend :-)
03:21 07-08-2015
Thanks Agata!
12:24 09-08-2015
02:09 10-08-2015
Thank you so much!!!
12:24 09-08-2015
This comment has been deleted.
03:21 07-08-2015
This comment has been deleted.
09:16 23-07-2015
Hi, these icons are really great, nice work ! Is there any chance you would have time to do a Viadeo one? Thanks a lot !
12:23 09-08-2015
Hi, you can find freshly uploaded Viadeo icone here enjoy:-)
12:38 09-08-2015
Looks perfect to me. Thanks a lot for the job ;)
16:55 05-08-2015
Hi, thanks a lot for all good words, I will update the set this weekned. Thank you for your suggestion.
11:19 05-07-2015
Fantastic collection!
16:57 05-08-2015
Thanks Anna, I'm glad you like it! :-)
16:49 18-06-2015
08:13 20-06-2015
Me alegro de que te guste
14:22 11-05-2015
LOVE these!! If you have time, will you please make an icon for iTunes (just the apple logo), Keek, and Pheed? I think those three would be good addition. Thanks for keeping these available to the public!
15:23 15-05-2015
13:06 12-06-2015
OMG, they are AWESOME!! Thanks soooooo much!! You're an amazing graphic artist!!!
14:39 11-05-2015
Hey, thanks for the comment, I'll update the set at the end of the week. Thanks for your valuable suggestions. And I'm glad you like those:-)
04:06 24-04-2015
Thank you so much! These are awesome! I have been searching for hours for something like this!!!!!