Wild Life

129 vector (SVG) icons by N.K. Narasimhan · Basic license


N.K. Narasimhan

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About the icon set
Author: N.K. Narasimhan
Added: Apr 18th, 2015
License: Basic license
Vector: Yes
Categories: Animals
Style: Glyph
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17:06 14-10-2015
purchased one of the peacock icons from wildlife set... read the license terms... you know there is a logo design company that has this icon as part of a logo... just for the icon and some text = logo they charge 24$.... fyi
02:07 15-10-2015
Thank you for the info. I guess there are some kind in the world who either buy or copy and tweak it a bit to resell . Would you mind sharing that link?
03:49 27-10-2015
https://www.tailorbrands.com I`d like to know if I may discus obtaining rights for the peacock icon for use in my company's official logo and seal. When used in publications, slides etc we would cite you. Once our site is operational we`d credit the image to you. My company understands this icon has been sold on this site and does not expect sole rights to be on the table. We would however like to discus the possibility of removing it from your collection for future sales. We would also be willing to report any and all use of the icon by other “logo makers” like the one above. If interested please let me know.
13:03 02-11-2015
Was on a shoot,hence couldn't respond soon. I will try and find a way.Just mail me animnarsi@yahoo.com
17:07 14-10-2015
glad i google image searched it and found the legit source though... kudos
02:01 15-10-2015
Thank you
16:40 22-06-2015
Super cool icon set!
01:01 23-06-2015
Thank you.