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About the icon set
Author: Xinh Studio
Added: Oct 22nd, 2013
License: Basic license
Vector: Yes
Categories: Flags
Style: Flat
Icon set description

Flat rectangle flags of most of countries in the world. On Mac OS, use the script to change the filename to ISO format. How to use the script can be found here:

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09:48 24-10-2016
Hi, can you please add Guadeloupe flag?
14:37 06-01-2016
Maybe the Benelux could be an idea for a new one:
16:36 21-07-2015
Hi! Is there any flag of US Virgin Islands?, can't spot it in the iconset.. Also just noticed that Tuvalu's flag is posted twice. Thanks for reading
03:56 22-07-2015
Hi! Thank you for your feedback. The flag of US Virgin Islands is here
15:24 06-03-2015
I've noticed the flag for Puerto Rico is missing.
11:04 14-11-2014
Our members from South Korea reporting that flag elements have degree rotation unlike original flag:
16:28 14-11-2014
Thank you very much for your feedback. I have corrected the flag. Please check it out here Linh
16:28 14-11-2014
Thank you very much for your feedback. I have corrected the flag. Please check it out here Linh
00:41 15-11-2014
thanks for update
18:25 05-10-2014
Is it just me, or are the vatican city flag missing? :)
19:33 06-10-2014
Thanks! But the image dont show up:
Iconfinder ApS Iconfinder staff
19:47 06-10-2014
Please try again.
22:09 28-08-2014
I really DO NOT like the fact some of the flags are completely unfinished are they are being sold as a done deal... Slovakia, where I'm originally from is completely missing the coat of arms which seems like a bad joke to me. I would really expect the designer to fix this issue with all the flags, before circulating them around and making money out of it. Well appreciated, Michal
02:05 29-08-2014
Hi Michal, I have checked the flag of Slovakia and the coat of arms isn't missing. You can see it here However, there is something wrong with the PNG and ICO version while the SVG version is fine. I will ask Iconfinder staff to have the problem fixed.
Iconfinder ApS Iconfinder staff
20:36 05-10-2014
We'll take a look at it and get it fixed.
11:48 14-08-2014
Hi, seems like Isle of Man flag is missing.
08:24 18-08-2014
Hi, Thank you for your feedback. I have added the flag of Isle of Mann. Here it is
15:02 01-08-2014
I've noticed that the svg for Togo is missing, and the ico and png versions are corrupt.
03:50 04-08-2014
Thank you for your feedback. I have updated the Togo flag you can download the new icon here Thanks again!
08:51 22-07-2014
This is a nice set, 2 questions: 1) Are the filenames in ISO code? e.g. AU.png? 2) How easily could a black and white version be made? I could batch process on Photoshop but this might produce some strange results. Al
15:00 22-07-2014
Hi, The filenames are change automatically by IconFinder. However, If you use Mac OS, I provide a script at to change the filename to ISO format. How to use the script can be found here: Since I don't use Photoshop, I don't know if it is easy to covert to white and black version. Linh
14:28 04-07-2014
Hi there, I appreciate your great work but I'm an Iranian & I noticed that the lower الله اکبر line in Iran's flag has just been inverted but it's as same as the upper one except the line which looks like underlines... Besides, Qatar flag isn't purple..and it has 8 triangle shapes... You can find any flags here : hope it helps :)
15:40 05-07-2014
Hi, Thank you very much for pointing them out. I have updated the flags. Here are the new ones:
19:02 13-07-2014
Thank you for your great work :)
11:10 03-04-2014
Hi there, I notice that a couple of the flags are incorrect. For example, the Brazlian flag is missing the white stroke in the center and also the SVG seems to be broken when I open it in Illustrator CC. When will you fix this?
14:35 03-04-2014
Hi, Thank you for your feedback. I have updated the flag of Brazil. You can get the new one here
14:37 03-04-2014
Thanks for the quick reply. If we re-download the entire World Flags icon set, will the updated Brazil flag be there as well?
14:52 03-04-2014
Yes, the new Brazil flag will be there.
14:56 03-04-2014
Great! Thanks again for the quick fix
Iconfinder ApS Iconfinder staff
13:34 03-04-2014
We'll get the SVG fixed.
13:37 03-04-2014
Awesome! I appreciate the quick reply :)
10:41 31-03-2014
Hi there, I would like to purchase the flags in ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 format.
17:30 31-03-2014
Hi, If you use Mac OS, you can use my script ( to change the filenames to ISO format. How to use the script can be found here: Thanks, Linh
13:04 10-02-2014
I would also happily purchase these if they were in ISO format. Any news on this happening?
03:00 14-02-2014
I have done the script, but I have not got the new filenames from iconfinder yet. Please wait for a couple of days.
02:20 11-02-2014
I see that there are 3 sets of country codes: ISO 3166-1 alpha-2, ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 and ISO 3166-1 numeric. Which one do you want?
13:50 10-02-2014
The file names are changed by Iconfinder. But if you use Mac OS, I can provide a script which will change all the file names to ISO codes automatically. I don't have the script right now. It will be ready within 3 days from now.
15:28 10-02-2014
I would be happy to do so, when that script is available. Thanks
17:35 31-03-2014
I'm so sorry that I have not got back to you sooner. The script is now available at You can see how to use the script here: Thanks
11:36 22-01-2014
I would buy the set if the file names were in ISO format
Iconfinder ApS Iconfinder staff
21:55 22-01-2014
We are actually changing the filenames after they have been uploaded to Iconfinder. We'll ask the designer if he have them with ISO codes.
04:20 13-02-2014
Hi Martin, How can I know the new filenames. So I can provide a script to convert them to ISO format. Thanks, Linh