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Zlatko Najdenovski

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Line Queen 1,000 icons

As a successor of LineKing, LineQueen is the better half, the feminine one, the one who makes full use of lines and colors in order to establish a style which is classy, elegant and meek.

Line King 1,079 icons

Lovely line icons, very rich in details. They feature an open-line style with an emphasis on strong visual metaphors. The icons are also based on the 60x60px grid – the one used for the tab bar icons in iOS apps. Ideally, the icons should blend so well into your next project, as if they’re custom-designed for you.

The Icons 1,000 icons

Designed specifically to look symbolic at small size, the primary aim of the The Icons is to give designers and developers alike, the one and only icon pack that can be used over and over again, for various app design, web design, as well as branding materials. One icon pack to rule the all! The Icons contain a very wide range of concepts and objects, totaling 1000 unique pictograms, starting from different arrows and points, interface, web and media icons to specific icon subsets for weather, food, ecommerce, nature, science, security, sports, badges, vehicles, emoticons, office, food, icons and much more. They are purposefully crafted to look as general as possible, so that they can blend well on any design style. You probably might not even need to use another icon pack. All icons have a highly consistent proportions and features that give them the same look and feel wherever they are used. The carefully crafted shapes can be limitlessly scaled and will work great at any size. Enjoy!

Flatilicious 1,000 icons

Flat icons designed with a simplicity in mind, appearing visually readable at small size with a modern unison look.

Responsive Icons 900 icons

This collection initially contains 100 unique icon concepts. All of them have 3 size variations and 3 style versions. In terms of size, they are Small (with minimum details), Medium (with average details) and Big (with many details). In terms of style, they are Line based, Solid based and Flat based. In total that's 900 icons!

Lineart 700 icons

Icon set of 700 symbol which are crafted as combination of thin and thick line.

Sitemap Cards 120 icons

These 120 simple sitemap icons are designed to replace and bring some character to those boring generic sitemaps. It will vastly speed up in sketching a sitemap process and help you better communicate the user flow to the client in a more meaningful and creative way. A must-have gem in the toolbox of web design process.