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Martial Red

Followers258 Icon sets56 Icons3,438

Holidays & Culture 69 icons

A collection of icons for national & international holidays

Weather Forecast & Meteorology 90 icons

A simple and beautiful collection of weather icons in different styles.

Modern & Future Technology 148 icons

A set of icons dedicated to modern technology and technologies of the future.

Business & Finance 116 icons

Icon sets for the business and finance industry. Perfect or websites for apps.

Fashion & Beauty Accessories 57 icons

Icon sets for the fashion and beauty industry. Perfect or websites for apps.

Food & Product Labels 76 icons

A set of food and product labels for product packaging.

Nature & Life 244 icons

These icon sets is perfect for apps, websites and print material.

Music & Musical Instruments 37 icons

A collection of beautiful and simple musical instrument icons.

Everyday Objects 183 icons

A set of flat icons based on common everyday objects. Perfect for all kinds of websites and apps.

Food & Drinks 234 icons

This icon set contains everything about food, drinks, eating and drinking.

The Human Body 74 icons

A group of icons dedicated to the human body and the trial and tribulations of life.

Animals & Wildlife 60 icons

A set of icons that contains animals and all kinds of wildlife.