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Hire the world's most talented icon designers and illustrators to create custom designs for you.

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How it works

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Send a message to the selected designer, providing the details for your project.

Once you make the prepayment, the designer will start working.

When you are satisfied, confirm the project delivery. Done!

When both sides agree on the terms, the designer will send a prepayment request.

The designer will send the deliverables for review and feedback.

Why Choose Our Custom Service?

Safe Payment

The money is held in escrow until project completion

Verified Designers

Rest assured you deal with the real professionals as we manually verify our designers

Human to Human

Personal touch and flexibility as you interact directly with the designer

We’ve Got You Covered

Iconfinder is always there to step in if you experience any complications

Payment security

Iconfinder mediates all transactions you make to the designers, ensuring safe and secure service.

Once you have agreed on the price for your order, the designer will request you to make a prepayment. Prepayment means that the money is not transferred to the designer directly, but it is held in escrow by Iconfinder, until you confirm the project delivery. This way you can rest assured that the designer stays committed throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
The price for custom design service is obtained directly from the individual designer you hire. The quote is based on the complexity of the project and the deadline for delivery of the final designs. Therefore, the pricing might vary significantly case-by-case.
What are the terms of custom design service?
You can read the Terms and Conditions for Custom Service.
What is the license agreement for the custom services?
All deliverables will be licensed by the Exclusive license unless you agree otherwise. This means the icons and other deliverables will be available only for your use and cannot be placed on sale to third parties.
Does the designer get paid before the work is delivered?
No, the money you prepay is held by Iconfinder until the designer sends the finished files to you. Once the work is delivered, you can Confirm Delivery, and we know that the money can go to the icon designer.
What happens if I forget to Confirm Delivery?
If you never confirm the delivery, Iconfinder will make sure the designer gets paid. However, if you don't confirm delivery because the designer has a problem, please inform us through the "Report a problem" button.
Will I get invoices/receipts for my purchases?
Yes, your custom orders will appear in your Transaction History and you will be able to download an invoice and a receipt for them.