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How it works

Your personal project manager from Iconfinder will guide and follow you through the whole process of contact between you and the icon designers.

Create your design brief

You start by filling out this form that generates the brief. Iconfinder will send it to the suitable designers.

The designers will respond within 24 hours.

Choose a designer

You can choose a specific designer or let us help you find a suitable designer for the job.

You will see examples of the designers’ previous work.

Designer works

The payment for the icons will held by Iconfinder at this point. The designer will work on the icons and you can kick back.

During the process you will see examples and approve the direction.

Receive final design

The icon designer deliverers the ordered custom icon design in time of deadline.

Once you are satisfied about the delivered product, Iconfinder will pay the designer.

Handpicked icon designers

All our Custom icon designers have been handpicked by and you can choose, who to create your next icon design from among some of the best selling Icon designers in the world.

Quotes and Pricing

The prices for custom icon projects are obtained directly from individual icon designers who are hand-picked by

The quotes from our icon designers are based on the complexity of the icon project and the deadline for delivery of the final designs.

Based on our experience with dozens of custom icon projects, one should expect between $70 and $130 per icon. Typically about 4-8 of our best icon designers will send quotes for your design brief.

A more detailed and informative design brief and longer turn around time will increase the likelihood for lower quotes.

Quotes for an example project for a software company, containing 8 icons in Flat style, done in 14 days:

Quote Price per Icon Total project price
#1 $100 $800
#2 $78 $624
#3 $85 $680
#4 $105 $840
The client chose quote #2 and paid $624 for their project


Iconfinder handles all transactions and we offer you a full money back guarantee if the final product is not delivered on time or in acceptable quality.

After reviewing your Design brief the available Icon Designers will, through Iconfinder, send you an individual proposal for designing your icons. The price will usually be based on the amount of icons and deadline for delivery of your final design.

After you have picked the Designer to create your icons, you will receive an invoice from Iconfinder in your mailbox. The Icon designer will create your icons when Iconfinder have received your money from the invoice. Your money will be kept in escrow, during the time of the design process. The Designer will receive your payment when the design is finished and delivered in time of deadline.

You can choose to pay by invoice or PayPal and the payment will be kept in escrow during the process to ensure commitment from all parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom icon design

What is a custom icon design?

It’s unique designed icons for a specific purpose. Custom designed icons are icons designed and produced by a designer usually ordered by agencies or companies. To get 100% unique icons for your project you will have to order custom made icons and not use examples of stock icons available for downloads or purchase online.

What are the terms of custom icon design?

You can read the terms and conditions for ordering custom icon design.

How do I request for a custom icon design?

You fill out and upload a design brief through the form you can access through this link: Form for custom icons

How do I contact support of

If it’s regarding custom icon design you can also contact

How many icon designs do I get to choose from?

You will not choose your custom icon design from a contest based on icon design examples of your project. You will choose who to work on your icon design project based on the icon designers previous work on When receiving a proposal from an icon designer on your design brief you will also receive a link to their profile on Here you can see their quality and style of icons. From this knowledge, you will choose who to work on your custom icon design.

The design brief

What is a design brief?

Answer, as detailed as possible, all the questions in the Design brief. Give as much information about the company or product and who the target audience of the icons is. It’s also a good idea to add links to some other icons or images that can help the icon designer to create the icons that you need.

Who will respond to my icon design brief? handles the communication between you and the icon designers. You will receive an email from when uploading your design brief and iconfinder will let you know when we have received responses from our icon designers. You are always welcome to contact us regarding custom icon design on this email address:

How do I make a good icon design brief?

Answer, as detailed as possible, all the questions in the Design brief. Give as much information about the company or product and who the target audience of the icons is. It’s also a good idea to add links to some other icons or images that can help the icon designer to create the icons that you need.

Am I guaranteed to receive offers from Icon designers on my design brief?

No, you are not guaranteed to receive offers. If our icon designers are not available for custom work in time of the deadline in your design brief we cannot guarantee you will receive any offers.

When do I get a response on my Icon design brief?

Within 2 days. When you have uploaded your design brief, will make sure that all our icon designers receive it within 24 hours. The icon designers have 24 hours to respond with their proposal for working on your icon design project and you will get an email with all the proposals.

Who determines if a design is done?

Ultimately, you have the final say. For more details please read our Terms of Service for Custom Icon Design.

The icon designer

Can I request a specific icon designer for my project?

Yes you can. When creating your design brief you can choose which of our custom icon designers receive your design brief.

Can I request more than one icon designer?

Yes, you can choose either to have all of our icon designers review your design brief or you can choose one or more specific icon designers to review it. If you choose one or more icon designers in the design brief, ALL other icon designers will NOT receive your design brief.

Why is the pricing different from each icon designer?

Each of our icon designers have all rights to decide on the price of their proposal for creating your custom icon design.

What if I don’t agree on any offers from Icon designers?

Then you can just refuse to have any of our icon designers to make your custom icon design. It is 100% free to upload an icon design and receive proposals from our icon designers.

How is the icon designer paid?

The icon designer is paid through their account on When recieves your payment we keep it in escrow. That means that we are keeping the money, but it is still your money. will only pay the icon designer with your money if and when the final icon design has been approved and delivered before or in time of deadline.

What are the quality standards for Icon designers?

Our standards are very high. Maybe even some of the highest quality icon designers in the world. But, you can always take a look at our icon designers profiles on and choose the icon designers you like to receive your design brief for custom icon design.

Is it a design contest?

No! It is not a design contest. When ordering custom icon design you will choose your designer based on their previous icon design and style live on But the price offers from each icon designer can be different and it is up to you to choose the designer and proposal you want to continue with to make your icon design project.

Pricing and payment

How can I pay for the icon design?

You will receive an invoice by email. You can pay the invoice with your creditcard or PayPal.

When will I pay for the icon design?

You receive an invoice by email when you have chosen the proposal and the icon designer to work on your design project. The money paid from that invoice will be held in escrow by iconfinder to make sure that the icon designer will be paid for the final icon design and that you are satisfied with the work done. When the final icon design has been delivered to you before or in time of deadline, Iconfinder pays the icon designer.

What is a full money back guarantee?

It means that if the icon designer does not create your icon design as determined in your design brief you will get your money back in your account.

Can I negotiate an offer from an Icon designer?

No you cannot negotiate offers from our icon designers.

What does it cost?

The costs or the pricing for ordering custom icon design is decided by the icon designers. They will send you proposals which you can choose to accept or refuse. It is 100% free to upload a design brief and receive proposals from our icon designers.

What is escrow?

It means something that is placed in custody or trust until a specified condition has been fulfilled. In this service it is your money we are keeping in escrow to secure commitment from you and our icon designers.

What currency can I pay with?

Contact us on and we can send you an invoice in the currency you want to pay with.

What is VAT?

Value added tax. In especially european countries you have to add VAT when selling or buying items or services. The VAT is a percentage of the total amount of the invoice.

License and copyrights

Can I own the full copyright on my icons?

Yes you can. In the design brief you will be asked to choose what type of copyright you want on your custom icon design.

Can the Icon designer reuse or resell my icons?

That is up to you. In the design brief you will be asked to choose what type of copyright you want on your custom icon design.

Can I resell the icons?

Yes. If you own the full copyright you can choose to resell the icons.

Can I also use the icon design as a logo?

If you own the full copyright of the icon design. You can use it as you want to. Logo, icon or design on a t-shirt. It’s totally up to you.

Can I use the custom made icons for commercial use?

If you own the copyright, yes you can.

Referral program

You can now earn some extra money by referring potential customers to Iconfinder’s custom icon design service. The custom icon design service lets users order custom designed icons easily from

Have you ever had to turn down an icon design project because you were too busy? Do you regularly refer potential customers to friends and colleagues but get nothing in return for your valuable part in making that connection? Now you can make a little something in return for doing exactly what you are already doing - making connections. Refer a friend or colleague to our custom icon design service, and we will give you 10% of the fee for the order. Simple as that.

How the referral program works

Making the referral is easy. Every time you receive an icon design project that you either have to reject or pass on because you are too busy, simply just forward an email to We will take care of the rest and when the project is completed, the money will get inserted into your account balance.

If you have additional questions about our referral program please contact us here: and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Affiliates and partnerships

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