Colorful guache social media logos

47 vector (SVG) icons by Side Project   License: Creative Commons (Attribution 3.0 Unported)

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Colorful guache social media logos

Oct 14th, 2016
License: Creative Commons (Attribution 3.0 Unported)
Vector: Yes
Category: Social media
Style: Filled outlineHanddrawn


Pavel Tsymbalyuk • 10:14 09-11-2017

Your work is very nice. Can you make for Steam and Telegram?

Zulio Ahuramazda • 18:48 23-07-2017

Great work, and thanks for making these free! If I use them on a website, how would you like to be credited?

Ruth & Sira García (Side Project) • 16:08 24-07-2017

Thank you for your concern! Perhaps, you could make a link somewhere discreet on your website that says "credits", or "about"; or you could place the attribution in the source code.

Boris LASSORT • 08:31 15-07-2017

Great icons! Thanks for your work. Can you please make one for Discord ( ? It will be very use-full for streamers on Twitch.

Ashlee Ortiz • 19:53 26-06-2017

Can you make on for Soundcloud? Your work is wonderful!

Maurice Keiser • 10:16 24-06-2017

Great work!! I Love your icons. Can you create one for www? Thanks so much! :D

Kassiah Faul • 19:04 21-03-2017

Love these icons so much! Any chance you can make one for Podcast (iTunes and/or Google Play)? Thanks so much!

Iuliia Korzh • 17:57 01-03-2017

Great icons... Can you make one for Viber and Whatsapp?

Ruth & Sira García (Side Project) • 14:55 03-03-2017

Thank you! We added the icons you suggested. We hope you like them!

Nazar Hotsa • 16:24 02-02-2017

Great icons! The only thing - Instagram icon looks a bit off without the black border that all other icons have.

Ruth & Sira García (Side Project) • 09:38 06-02-2017

Thank you for your comment, we appreciate your input. We've uploaded a new version of the Instagram icon with black lines. We hope you like it!

Martín Caballero • 15:18 31-01-2017

It would be great to have one for a general website, something like www or http. Great icons by the way!

Bailey Wilk • 20:51 26-01-2017

Can you make one for Facebook Messenger?

H. G. Robert • 15:38 15-01-2017

Great design with artistic substance. I only have one request if I may... Since all of your icons are square-shaped, could you also make the blurb icon in square like the rest please? (I know the one you have follows the company's original logo shape, but this way it does not match with the rest of the set when I use it.) Thank you for your help in advance.

Ruth & Sira García (Side Project) • 17:48 16-01-2017

Done! Thank you for your feedback :) :)

Aith Pal • 13:24 29-12-2016

shame there is no Goodreads icon but otherwise amazing! Love!

Ruth & Sira García (Side Project) • 11:00 09-01-2017

Now there is ;) ;) Thank you for your nice words!

Kayla Cunha • 01:10 21-12-2016

This comment has been deleted.

Doha Abu Summaqah • 13:04 20-12-2016

Awesome job. But I think Snapchat icon is missing. Can you please add it?

Gabby Barocio • 21:24 12-12-2016

TY!!! But it's missing the elephant icon! :D TY

Alberto Fernandes • 21:52 11-12-2016

Great Job! Love it! But I think is missing the Linkedin Icon. Can you please help?


Hand drawn colorful guache social media icons.