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62 vector (SVG) icons by ZFreet CHeung   License: Free for personal use only

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ZFreet CHeung

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Flat Brand Logo

Jun 9th, 2014
License: Free for personal use only
Vector: Yes
Category: Business & financeSigns & symbols
Style: Flat


Neromare Group (Neromare) • 20:10 15-01-2017

And how are you claiming copyright over work that is not even yours? This can't be happening right now. All the icons from your pack are marked "For personal use only" when you downloaded the icons from this website and claimed it yours. Such a fraud. https://www.brandsoftheworld.com/logo/nikon-10

Shivin Saxena • 07:14 11-01-2015

Great work! Can you also make a flat icon for Quora??

HTML 999 • 11:33 22-12-2014

Thnaks for this icons ! Good jobs ! Can you create an icon for firefox os, please ? Thanks

Digital Mark • 08:03 31-07-2014

You got all my companies ;) Seriously, good stuff.

Dir Na • 15:56 24-07-2014

great set, but missing the xbox and wii icons

Taha Taghados • 15:31 05-07-2014

Hi, this are great! How I can save them in a pack? I don't want to download them one by one!

Lenny Obez (Aify) • 14:52 21-06-2014

This comment has been deleted.

Emmanuel Texis (Consultores-TI) • 04:18 03-07-2014

Do you have use Safari? I have a way to download the whole pack

Emmanuel Texis (Consultores-TI) • 23:10 13-10-2014

let me do a shot video and i'll send you the url


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