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34 vector (SVG) icons by Innodesu limited   License: Free for commercial use

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Innodesu Social Media Icons

Mar 21st, 2015
License: Free for commercial use
Vector: Yes
Category: Social media
Style: Flat


Alex Lion (Alex's Classroom) • 10:45 17-03-2017

Great job, so much thanks.

Abu Yasin • 18:44 18-06-2016

Hi! Can you make the same icon for vk?

Sandi Malmsteen (Jasa Pembuatan Website Murah, Belajar SEO Website, Webmaster Goo) • 03:19 10-03-2016

I Take This One Icon Very Beautifull. THX

Ben Oswald • 16:45 08-03-2016

Don't mean to annoy you, but I am working on a media project where these icons are needed and perfect for what I am doing...How about some more email icons, like Yahoo mail, Roadrunner, AOL, and Hotmail?...also search engines would be great like, Google, Yahoo, and Bing...also for my music section, icons for iTunes, Apple Music, Rdio, Rhapsody, Tidal, and Google Play world be awesome. I know this is asking a lot, but these would be really cool and helpful if you could do this for me. Thanks, Ben

Andy Holland (Innodesu limited) • 16:57 08-03-2016

Hi Ben, We have added itunes and Yahoo icons into the free social media set. As for the others I'll consult with colleagues and shall let you know in due course. Many Thanks Paul

Eric Lujan • 19:30 06-03-2016

Thank you for sharing your beautiful work! Please also consider making a Skype icon. :)

Andy Holland (Innodesu limited) • 20:42 07-03-2016

Hi, Thanks for your comments :-) we'll add the Skype icon shortly. Many Thanks Paul

Andy Holland (Innodesu limited) • 20:09 19-02-2016

Hi Ben, Thanks for your comments that is a great idea and we really appreciate your feedback. We'll create those icons and upload them soon. Many Thanks Paul

Ben Oswald • 18:43 22-02-2016

Really appreciate Andy...Love the designs

Andy Holland (Innodesu limited) • 20:50 07-03-2016

Hi Ben, Just to let you know we have added new free icons from your suggestions. Many Thanks Paul Innodesu Design

Ben Oswald • 14:01 08-03-2016

Much appreciation...Thanks for the designs.

Ben Oswald • 16:10 17-02-2016

How about an iTunes and a DropBox one?

Andy Holland (Innodesu limited) • 17:07 03-10-2015

Hi Venkatesh, YouTube icon is now up for you.

Jon Young • 22:36 23-05-2015

YouTube ? Globe for regular website links?

ADRI ANT • 21:16 13-05-2015

Andy, fist of all, thanks for sharing your icons, they look amazing! I'd love to have the "YouTube" one :)

Andy Holland (Innodesu limited) • 17:06 03-10-2015

Hi Adri, YouTube icon is now up for you.

Andy Holland (Innodesu limited) • 17:06 03-10-2015

Hi Sean, YouTube icon is now up for you.

Andy Holland (Innodesu limited) • 08:10 08-05-2015

Hi Heather, I can certainly see what I can do :-) I'll keep you posted

Heather Anderson • 10:46 08-05-2015

No hurry, just thinking for the future. I've already decided to use this set because you're one of the very few who have an Etsy icon! :) I don't have an Amazon store yet but I'm thinking about it.

Andy Holland (Innodesu limited) • 17:06 03-10-2015

Hi Heather, an Amazon icon is now added to the set, just in case you need it in the future.

Leah Michaels • 00:22 05-05-2015

any chance for a wordpress icon? thank you in advance!

Andy Holland (Innodesu limited) • 08:10 08-05-2015

Hi Leah, I'll put one tegether for you, no problem :-)

Andy Holland (Innodesu limited) • 18:55 23-04-2015

Hi Robert, I can definitely take a look at putting these together for you. I'll keep upload an update soon.

Robert Kenmore • 18:45 23-04-2015

LOVE the icon set! What are the odds for a YouTube, Wordpress or Location icon for the set?


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