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About the icon set
Author: One Deep Design
Added: Oct 21st, 2014
License: Creative Commons (Attribution 2.5 Generic)
Vector: Yes
Categories: Social media
Style: Flat
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You can use the icons for commercial use.

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23:44 30-09-2017
That would be great if you can add these icons too: 1- GitLAB (https://about.gitlab.com/) 2- Telegram (https://telegram.org/)
22:42 19-09-2016
WOW..........I love your icons man.
18:45 31-08-2015
Congratulations for the only pack with both Apple, Android and Windows Phone logos. Well done!
13:21 01-09-2015
Good one, great to hear this Andres!
12:52 29-08-2015
Hello One Deep Design, first of all, thanks for sharing this wonderful icon set. I'm currentry developing a WordPress plugin (CC License) and I would like to include this icon set, but I need the icon for "Delicious". Is there anyway I could get it? Or some similar icon at least`? Thanks in advance
21:21 30-08-2015
Hey Antonio, glad you like the icon set - thanks! Unfortunately I do not have plans to add an icon for Delicious at this stage.
19:27 23-08-2015
(Ultimate Social Icons if used) Hi Under the Creative Commons (Attribution 2.5 Generic) Licence would I need to create a credits page on my website stating you the author "One Deep Design" linking back to this icons set used "https://www.iconfinder.com/iconsets/ultimate-social" etc then a link to the "http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/" licence ?
17:30 22-08-2015
Hi are the icons included in the "Ultimate Social" icon set free for use in web design projects? Thanks.
21:04 23-08-2015
Hey Wayne - after purchasing the icon set, you can use them for a web design project, no problem. I'm not sure on the license details, but I don't see the need to link to this icon set. But that might be a question best answered by IconFinder.
18:31 24-08-2015
Hi Aaron, I've gone ahead and purchased the Ultimate Social icon set from https://creativemarket.com/onedeepdesign - Thanks.
21:20 24-08-2015
Thank you Wayne!
08:04 07-08-2015
How can i do to get permission for using this icon pack on my Android app?
08:11 07-08-2015
Hey Nam, once you purchase the set, you're welcome to use them for your Android app!
18:08 25-06-2015
00:41 26-06-2015
Thanks Raaj!
20:38 18-03-2015
Great job! I`m planning to use some of them on a video, but I`m not sure how to give you credits for the amazing job. Do you want me to link to your portfolio or something else Please let me know.
03:02 19-03-2015
Hey Kika, thanks for the kind words! The purchase is more than enough, no need to credit :)