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Anna Litviniuk

24 vector (SVG) icons
Free for commercial use
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About the icon set
Author: Anna Litviniuk
Added: Jan 17th, 2015
License: Free for commercial use
Vector: Yes
Icon family: Flatflow
Categories: Mobile apps Avatars & smileys
Style: Flat
Icon set description

The icons are free for personal and commercial use. Use them for default avatars or user icons in your mobile app, on a website or anywhere else you like.

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13:44 09-12-2018
Thanks a lot, great icons!
07:13 10-09-2018
Thanks ! Anna.
11:30 11-07-2018
thanks for publishing your designs!! your icons are inspiring students :-)
17:45 28-06-2018
Perfecto, muchas gracias por el aporte
Nice design
13:45 06-10-2017
Great Work! Thanks for publishing it here.
16:50 20-03-2017
Hey Anna! Is it possible for you to create me two personalized icons for use on my new website?
22:16 16-03-2017
Thank you! Used them for some mockups!
14:42 04-12-2016
Looks nice
21:13 25-11-2016
thanks for your help. ..
02:07 06-10-2016
Great job! Thanks a lot
06:15 29-09-2016
06:14 29-09-2016
11:00 13-09-2016
Hi Anna. Can we edit your illustration for business use? For example change a hair color to black.
12:01 13-09-2016
Hi Isao, sure, you're free to do anything you need with those.
01:30 14-09-2016
Wow! Really? Thank you. Is advertise is not necessary?
04:43 14-09-2016
Correct. its not required.
06:42 08-09-2016
Anna, MUCH, MUCH appreciated! Have spent so much time finding a suitable set of avatars/icons and so happy I've found your set. THANK YOU!!
12:01 13-09-2016
07:02 27-07-2016
03:47 26-07-2016
Muito bonitos os Avatars... Parabéns
18:17 14-06-2016
Thank you Anna :)
17:30 11-05-2016
These are great! Thank you Anna :)
12:12 10-05-2016
Hi Anna, I really love your flat icons, I read you may add new ones, do you know when, either can you make customs icons ? if yes can I have a quote ? thanks Christian
09:34 11-05-2016
Hi Christian. I'm not sure when I will be adding more icons to this set. For a quote please contact me via email asalubry@gmail.com or Skype anna_litvinuk with the task details. Thanks.
It is realy cool! Thank you, you a great!
11:40 25-03-2016
I love it! Do you have some icon of black women?
14:25 24-03-2016
And one for User FOlder
14:25 24-03-2016
I use one for my Computer Login icon :)
14:24 24-03-2016
If you really draw it, Then its really cool! . . D :D
03:53 25-03-2016
Thank you!
23:04 04-03-2016
Great Drawing
22:44 07-01-2016
Very Great Work! Thank you very much Anna
07:29 13-12-2015
Hey Anna, is it possible for you to make a pack of 50 avatars like these and sell it for a small price? I'd be willing to buy. I love these flat styled images of yours
09:17 13-12-2015
Hey Dinuka. I have a plan to make an extra kit of premium icons based on these. I'll get to it once I have some free time.
07:38 17-04-2016
im also interested in the premium Anna - great icons look forward to see them when you get the chance
17:39 17-12-2015
I'm very interested in this too. I'd pay for a pack of em.
17:39 17-12-2015
Though, could you add some other skin colours? :)
10:10 28-11-2015
Great Work!
15:10 06-11-2015
02:04 27-10-2015
so cute!!! i love it
14:40 15-10-2015
Thank you, Anna! In my opinion, "anonym" is the best one :)
12:26 04-10-2015
Thank you, Anna! Waiting longer beautiful icons!
09:43 02-10-2015
Thank you :)
03:24 01-10-2015
Many thanks!
12:52 04-09-2015
Really love these icons, would be great to have a few more to cover broader ethnic diversity
14:09 04-09-2015
Hi Edward. Thanks! I might be extending the set in the future, but not sure what will be added and when. Feel free to contact me with the details for a quote to make a few custom icons if needed.
07:44 04-09-2015
Thank you, awesomely simple !
10:53 02-09-2015
Thank you :D
10:19 26-08-2015
great! Thanks. Ill make good use of these
04:36 11-08-2015
Nice Icon
09:17 06-08-2015
Very nice icon. @Anna Litviniuk: Can I use these icons in my application. A free app to learn english.
09:51 06-08-2015
Thank you. Absolutely! They are free to use anywhere.
23:07 29-07-2015
So Nice!! and very beautyful!! Thanx!
23:23 12-07-2015
Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!
01:35 01-07-2015
Thanks a ton ! Love these...!
11:23 08-06-2015
Hi Anna! Thank´s for sharing this for free! :-)
19:08 03-06-2015
Is it easy for you to put simple eyeglasses on these avatars? https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/403022/avatar_business_costume_malecostume_office_user_work_icon#size=128 https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/403020/avatar_headphones_male_mic_support_supportmale_user_icon#size=128 Do it if it is really easy for you, dont spent time for doing so, I dont really need it but i would like it... Thanks and keep up the good work! :)
01:10 05-06-2015
Hi Spyros! That's a nice idea. I'll consider adding them when I have a chance :)
11:24 29-06-2015
I'm not a designer but I tried to do this for fun http://codeincode.it/1435594590_malecostume_glasses.png :))
13:20 29-06-2015
The link doesn't work
13:24 29-06-2015
Are you sure? I can see the image without problems
07:56 16-05-2015
wooow! Beautiful icons. Thank you very much
12:57 01-04-2015
Excellent icons! Thank you and God bless you in Jesus name!
14:23 01-04-2015
Thank you, Aleksey! And you are welcome)
14:45 01-04-2015
21:14 05-03-2015
Excelent, tanks, is a very nice job
Iconfinder Iconfinder staff
20:11 21-01-2015
Very nice icons!
I agree!