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Make beautiful designs faster

Create designs at lightning speed with a Pro subscription. Get access to the full library of icons & illustrations, powerful search, color editor and team sharing starting at $9/mo.

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Fast-track your design process

Smart and fast search will help you find all that you’re looking for.

Recolor items with just a few clicks in our editor.

Download and use graphics in a blink of an eye.

Invite your team members and share one plan.

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Curated content

that spark joy

Access a curated library of icons, illustrations and 3Ds that we carefully hand-picked one by one.

6M icons Browse

From the most popular libraries like Font Awesome, Feather, and Picons to undiscovered gems crafted by rising icon design stars.

20,000 illustrations Browse

Bring your designs to life with modern and trendy illustrations. Most styles are available in large packs with hundreds of illustrations to choose from.

7,000 3D illustrations Browse

A growing collection of three-dimensional illustrations with elegant shapes and beautiful lighting.

Use without attribution

All premium content is covered by the Basic License, which allows commercial use without attribution. This is ideal for client work.

Access the full library

Choose from a collection of carefully hand-picked icons, illustrations and 3D illustrations. You can download them separately or as whole packs.

Compatible formats

All graphics come in SVG and PNG formats which are widely supported by tools such as Adobe products, MS Office, Figma, and more (3D comes in PNG only).

Re-download easily

With the download history, it's easy for you to find previous downloads or see what your teammates have downloaded.

Color editor

Change colors in seconds

Recolor icons and illustrations in just a few clicks with the built-in color editor.

No need for other tools

Recoloring is quick and fun, and you don’t need any prior skills or editing software.

Have your colors on hand

Save your brand colors directly in the editor, so you can simply apply them again.

Keep and recover versions

Save and easily find all your previously edited icons and illustrations.

Read more about the editor

Start your 7-day free trial

Then $9/month. Cancel anytime.


Share the subscription with your team

Invite your team members and share the credits, download history and collections.

One pool of credits

Let the whole team join and start using the same pool of credits to download content. The team owner invites team members and can quickly top up with additional credits when needed.

Unlimited download history

Never lose track of previously downloaded assets used with the Download history. Filter by asset type (icon, illustrations, 3D), download date, or team member and use free text search. With a Pro subscription, you'll get unlimited download history.

Shared and private collections

Save your favorite icons and illustrations and easily find them later. You can organize content into groups by project, client, or other criteria. Each collection can be made private or shared with your team.

Usage reports

As a team owner, you might want to keep track of credit usage and forecast changes. With Reports, the team owner can track the daily use of credits and credit spent per user, and the median credit spent allows you to forecast credit usage as your team scales.

Easy invite

Inviting your whole team is straightforward by sharing a single invite link. You can also add a list of email addresses in bulk, and we'll send the invitations via email. Adding team members is free of charge and included in the Pro Starter and Ultimate plans.

Large teams are welcome

With Pro Standard or Ultimate, 10 or 50 people share one subscription. But don't worry if your team grows or is already larger than that. With Pro Enterprise you can onboard the entire organization with no limit on seats.

Pro Micro $9/mo

10 credits/month

3 seats

Credit roll-over

Full access to color editor


Pro Standard $19/mo

50 credits/month

10 seat

Credit roll-over

Full access to color editor


Pro Ultimate $49/mo

500 credits/month

50 seat

Credit roll-over

Full access to color editor


Pro Enterprise

Tailor-made plan for organisations.

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Pro Micro
Pro Standard
Pro Ultimate
Pro Enterprise

$9/month $81/year

$19/month $171/year

$49/month $441/year


For solo creators and their collaborators.

For small teams or one’s big needs.

For large teams and big projects.

Tailor-made plan for organisations.

Credits 10/month 50/month 500/month On demand
Credit top-up & roll-over
Team members 3 seats 10 seats 50 seats On demand
Color editor Full access Full access Full access Full access
Collections Group in collections Group in collections Group in collections Group in collections
Download history Forever Forever Forever Forever
Copy to clipboard
Hosting of files Coming soon ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )
Access control Coming soon ( ) ( ) ( )
Usage reports
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Price per product type
Icons 1 credit 1 credit 1 credit Custom
Illustrations 5 credits 5 credits 5 credits Custom
3D illustrations 5 credits 5 credits 5 credits Custom
Stickers 1 credit 1 credit 1 credit Custom

Receive and spend credits

Credits are like the Pro subscription currency. Every month you get a new batch of credits that you can spend on icons and illustrations. One icon is 1 credit, one illustration is 5 credits.

Roll over unused credits

Any credits that you have not used in a given month will be transferred to the next one. There are no limits on how many credits you can accumulate.

Top up if you need more

If you are working on a large project and suddenly need more graphics, you can always top up your credit balance from your account. It’s a self-service, so you get the credits immediately.

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