Social Aquicons

35 raster icons by Lanan Illustration   License: Creative Commons (Attribution 2.5 Generic)

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Social Aquicons

Feb 5th, 2014
License: Creative Commons (Attribution 2.5 Generic)
Vector: No
Category: Social media
Style: Handdrawn


Miguel Mateo • 16:41 15-07-2017

Very nice creation. Please add Quora and Path.

震朱 朱震 • 10:07 19-11-2016

Your creation is too nice.. Can you add "LINE" icon too ?

Ram Sky • 07:15 13-09-2016

Your creation is too nice.. Can you add whatsapp icon too...!

Bruno Dallier • 15:10 29-06-2016

Hi, could you please make one of those about snapchat ?

Tessa Hostetter • 02:18 07-04-2016

These are amazing! I would love to see an icon for Periscope :)

Yuha Adie • 10:46 14-02-2016

great icon set! thanks a lot for sharing! ^_^

Mostafa Saad • 15:04 28-01-2016

A Beautiful Icon Set .. And A Creative Design !

Basti Swi • 08:47 23-10-2015

Hey, can I use your icons (twitter, facebook, youtube, twitch) For my Channel Banner etc.? Would be awesome. Cause I'm starting now with YOutube and Twitch and need to make some things to start. ^^

Amariah Christopher (Intelligent Design) • 03:40 05-09-2015

I most appreciate that the shape of the watercolor stain is different for each logo! Fantastic design!!!

Amanda Parmelee • 22:12 03-06-2015

Basic phones/camera icons, Adobe Creative Suite icons? These are amazing!

HTML 999 • 10:08 26-05-2015

I ! I love your icons ! Can you make icon for Doodle , please ? Thank you !! :)

Elizabeth Soza • 21:10 22-05-2015

I love the icons!!! would you make the basic phone icons? like camera, contacts, phone etc? These are absolutely beautiful!! I want all my apps icons to match!!

Lucia D'Onofrio • 18:59 22-04-2015

I love this icon set. Will you do even that relating to social tsu? (Sorry for my bad english)

Bob Bob • 10:05 11-04-2015

Would love an Etsy and eBay icon. Gorgeous set!

Samantha Meraz • 18:52 02-04-2015

These are beautiful! Outstanding work. Can you make one that looks like a calendar? That would be wonderful!!!

Kirby Oaks • 18:50 23-03-2015

These are so great! I would love to use your entire set, would you be willing to do a "home" icon? Also a "Group" one. With just like 3 people for a group social button, but not affiliated with any social media. Again, these are amazing! Thank you so much!

Lindsay Nichols (MOCG LLC) • 12:17 04-05-2015

A phone icon would be a wonderful addition to this beautiful set. Please advise. Thanks

William Allen • 21:40 21-02-2017

Hello Lindsay i like your picture can we be friends on skype william.allen1011

Jade Evans • 23:59 09-02-2015

These are gorgeous! Thank you! I don't suppose you have a phone icon do you? As in for a phone number? That would be amazing! I want all my icons to look the same! Thanks!

Angie Law • 15:44 24-01-2015

Hi there! I love these icons. I was wondering if you could do a VLC and Utorrent one? They're not social media per se but they would be an amazing addition to my dock if you could. :)

Angie Law • 16:01 24-01-2015

Actually, I just used the share this icon for utorrent instead bc the color matches :D Now all I have to do is to find a VLC, iTunes and Messages icon and it'll be complete! Thanks so much for your icons.

Jessica Lanan (Lanan Illustration) • 19:22 21-01-2015

Quick update--I've added an email icon to this set. Thanks for the feedback. Cheers!

Daniel Costa • 22:08 09-01-2015

Awesome this icons, so far the best social icons. Will it be possible to add the email icon (mail or @ sign) ?

Jeffrey BIles (Math Monsters) • 21:08 14-11-2014

These are amazing! Definitely the coolest social media icons I've seen. Unfortunately, I would need an email icon if I were going to use them.

Garrett Mueller • 02:30 01-09-2014

Twitch icon please if you can, thanks! Very nice icons BTW.

Jessica Lanan (Lanan Illustration) • 23:42 15-09-2014

Hi Garret, Glad you like the icons! I just finished the Twitch icon and it should be online soon. Cheers, Jessica

Jessica Lanan (Lanan Illustration) • 23:42 15-09-2014

Thank you so much, Martin!


Add a little texture to your next project with these hand-painted watercolor social media icons.