Last updated on Nov 4th, 2022

24slides designs presentations efficiently with Iconfinder

Case study

By Ieva

In this case study, we share how 24Slides - a company providing professional presentation deck design service - onboarded their team of 138 designers on our Pro Enterprise subscription.


About 24Slides

24Slides helps professionals and businesses around the world save time and increase the impact of their presentations. They are experts in delivering top-notch presentation design services with fast turnarounds at affordable prices.

Industry: Design
Company size: Mid-size
Locations: Denmark, Indonesia, Ukraine, and Peru
Use case: Presentation deck design
Product: Pro Enterprise subscription
User seats: 138


Professional-looking presentations in 24 hours

In October 2021, we got approached by Mira - the Head of R&D at 24Slides. She was looking for a supplier of icons and illustrations for their team of designers creating presentation decks for clients.

24Slides delivers designs to clients within 24 hours, which is impressive. So when Mira approached us, they weren’t just looking for icons and illustrations. They wanted a service that could both deliver beautiful graphics but also support their fast-paced work with speedy search, easy filtering, quick color edits, organizing content by client and, of course, graphics compatible with any presentation software.

24Slides team 1.png

Iconfinder met all of that criteria. But there were more details that needed to be sorted out before 24Slides could make the final call.

Managing a subscription with more than 100 users

When 24Slides approached us, they had around 120 people working on the slide deck design, and were planning to grow the team further in 2022. That’s quite a big number, and some alternative services had a cap on the maximum number of people that could be on a shared team account.

“We were exploring different suppliers but hit a roadblock with some, as they had limits on the number of users, while we knew our team was only set to grow larger. We also wanted to find a supplier that wouldn’t mind investing their time in understanding our somewhat specific needs.”

At such a scale, there need to be some additional features to ensure the person in charge can easily access an overview of what’s going on and quickly add/remove users.

Mira was able to invite everyone to the subscription by sharing a single invite link, so the onboarding process was really fast. Her account on Iconfinder has a “team owner” role. This means she has extended controls, such as being able to invite additional members, revoke access, and monitor team’s downloading activity.

24Slides team 2.png

A feedback-driven relationship

It was difficult for 24Slides to tell how many graphics the team will need on a monthly basis before they started using the service. So we agreed to begin with a three-month trial, which meant onboarding the team and closely monitoring the average usage before 24Slides committed to a fixed plan.

Mira also wanted to have a quick overview of what her team is downloading (icons, illustrations, or 3Ds), who are the most active members, and be able to estimate how the usage (and thus, costs) may change when the team scales.

This started a chain of email exchanges, calls and a couple of demo sessions, where we worked closely with 24Slides team and used their valuable input to meet their needs and at the same time shape the Pro Enterprise subscription.

“We stayed in close contact with the Iconfinder team during our three-month trial. I was impressed that they managed to build a reports section in such a short amount of time, which really helped us forecast future usage and follow our team’s progress.”

Subscription plan that is just right

As a result, within approximately two months, we released a major update of the Download history and launched Usage reports.

Frame 1 (62).png

Download history became more team-focused, making sure anyone on the 24Slides team could see and search everyones’ downloads. So if two people are working on the same presentation deck, they can quickly re-download the same icons or illustrations without wasting time pinging each other and sending links. And Mira can easily see if her team is downloading more icons, illustrations or 3Ds.

Frame 2 (24).png

The release of Usage reports allowed Mira to assess how many monthly credits the team will need moving forward. By looking at the usage in the past four weeks, Mira estimated that her team will require approximately 3,000 credits per month.

As a result, after the three-month trial, the 24Slides team moved to a fixed annual Pro Enterprise plan with 3,000 monthly credits. Currently, they have 138 active users of the subscription who download approximately 150 graphics daily. We are happy to take a small part in their mission to empower design talent in emerging markets.

Key elements of Pro Enterprise:

  • Flexibility to decide on the number of seats and monthly credits
  • Trial period to determine the usage level
  • User roles and extended capabilities for the Team owner
  • Access to Usage reports
  • Close contact with Iconfinder to maintain the feedback loop

Learn more about Pro Enterprise


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