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Tips & tricks for the Iconfinder search

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By Ieva

Discover advanced search features and find more precise results faster.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve rolled out a bunch of search improvements that give you more control over the results you see after hitting “search”. We thought it was a good idea to summarize all the tips and tricks into one post.

If you’re keen on trying some of the tips, make sure to bookmark this page.

Product tabs

As we’ve branched into new product categories—illustrations, 3D illustrations and stickers—so did our search interface.

You can use a dropdown in the search bar to indicate the product type you are interested in.


Alternatively, you can filter by product type after__running a search. Just use the product tabs at the top of the search results.


Search within a pack, family or designer

If you want to keep your designs consistent, it’s a good idea to limit the scope of your search to a specific family, pack or designer. Search filters help you do exactly that.

Open a pack, family or designer’s profile. Then make sure the filter is activated in the search bar. It shows up as a box on the left side of the bar. Add the search term next to it and hit enter.

Here we have the Huply family page, and you can see the green filter with the family name:


When you run a search with this filter activated, it will only show you the results from that particular family.

huply cake.gif

Negative keywords

Just like on Google, you can exclude certain items from your search.

Simply add the minus sign (-) before the keyword you want to exclude.

For example, if you want to find birthday icons but exclude cakes, you can enter birthday -cake.

birthday -cake.gif

Phrase search

Phrase search allows you to find assets tagged with the exact multi-word phrase you’ve entered.

Just enclose the phrase in quotation marks (“…”).

For example, you can search for “chocolate cake”. The search will only return content depicting chocolate cakes instead of “chocolates” and “cakes”.

choco cake.png

We hope you’ll find these tips handy. Check out this article if you want to find an extensive list of all search features.

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Jonathan Hayes
16:02 05-01-2023

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