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94 vector (SVG) icons by · Creative Commons (Attribution 3.0 Unported)


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Added: Oct 9th, 2015
License: Creative Commons (Attribution 3.0 Unported)
Vector: Yes
Categories: Social media
Style: Badge
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08:01 12-11-2018
amazing work buddy.....
02:59 11-11-2018
Nice icons. If we use them on our blog, how do you wish to be credited?
07:17 24-10-2018
this is great work man
Thank you man, let me know if you need anything
08:51 12-10-2018
Thanks so much, these are exceptional
you are very welcome, let me know if you need anything
23:43 01-08-2018
These are great resource, i love to see more, thanks!
Thanks for downloading, I'm open to suggestions, thanks again!
17:03 19-06-2018
it's awesome
thanks thanks!
02:53 19-06-2018
That's amazing
Thank you very much
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09:38 07-09-2017
Hey Alfredo - lovely icons, thank you for creating and sharing them. Would you consider creating a StackExchange pair?
hey Stefan apologies for the late respond, do you still need this icon?
08:47 13-06-2018
Hey Alfredo! No worries about the response time, I'm sure you have lots of other things to do :) A Stackexchange icon with a white background would be really helpful, yes.
13:28 12-06-2017
This is Realy Awesome.. I came to know of this from Youtube channel name Mir Rom.. now it think to me i did wise thing to subscribe his channel....
That's awesome thanks for sharing
17:40 06-03-2017
These are really nice. Any chance of a CC (Creative Commons) one to use to link back to your site?
I'll look into it thanks!
12:07 25-02-2017
Awsome iconset Thank you
Hello, no problem, thanks for the feedback!
Hello everyone the collection continues here: Thanks for downloading!
17:58 17-11-2016
awe very fine and best design
Thanks Sameer!
19:29 11-11-2016
Google + icon?
Yes there is two Google + Icons
11:16 09-10-2016
I loooooooove em, but are there any music icons ;3
Hi sure, do you still need the icon? I can create it.
00:34 16-09-2016
These are awesome! :) I'm trying to look through them all, though, and it looks like there isn't a wordpress one. Is one of those on the horizon? And if not, do you know where I'd be able to find one of a similar style? Thanks!
Thanks for the feedback and Sorry I didn't see this message, I'll add it just check back in 24 hours.
05:25 06-01-2017
Is wordpress still planned?
Hi Linh wordpress is up now, just been super bussssy
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18:52 22-08-2016
Great icons! Is it just me or is there no lastfm?
Ok will add soon
09:24 22-08-2016
Maybe you can add a 500px-Icon?
What do you mean..
19:52 22-08-2016 .-)
Ok will add soon
12:54 24-08-2016
Thanks a lot :-)
NEW ICONS ADDED.. Feedly, Medium, Goodreads!
09:23 22-08-2016
12:05 19-08-2016
Wow, great stuff! Can you add a Feedly-Logo?
Hello Thanks! I added the Feedly logo