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About the icon set
Author: Alfredo Hernandez
Added: Oct 9th, 2015
License: Creative Commons (Attribution 3.0 Unported)
Vector: Yes
Icon family: Featured Icons
Categories: Social media
Style: Badge
Homepage: Visit homepage
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12:22 20-06-2019
Nice sets of icons
07:50 14-01-2020
Thank you
06:54 28-03-2019
Hello everyone additional icons in this style added here: https://creativemarket.com/alfredocreates Thanks for downloading!
22:00 27-03-2019
Thank you so much Alfredo
06:51 28-03-2019
No problem, Thanks Thomas!
20:02 27-03-2019
06:51 28-03-2019
Thanks for Downloading..
08:46 01-02-2019
Obrigado !
06:50 28-03-2019
Your welcome!
18:18 28-01-2019
Thank you very much! I was looking for clean and professional icons and yours are just perfect.
06:52 28-03-2019
Great! Thanks for downloading these icons, they are very popular!
08:01 12-11-2018
amazing work buddy.....
05:18 27-01-2019
hello Thanks for checking and downloading my work
02:59 11-11-2018
Nice icons. If we use them on our blog, how do you wish to be credited?
05:18 27-01-2019
Hi, please credit to alfredocreates.com thank you very much
07:17 24-10-2018
this is great work man
17:51 26-10-2018
Thank you man, let me know if you need anything
08:51 12-10-2018
Thanks so much, these are exceptional
17:51 26-10-2018
you are very welcome, let me know if you need anything
23:43 01-08-2018
These are great resource, i love to see more, thanks!
17:52 26-10-2018
Thanks for downloading, I'm open to suggestions, thanks again!
17:03 19-06-2018
it's awesome
17:51 26-10-2018
thanks thanks!
02:53 19-06-2018
That's amazing
17:50 26-10-2018
Thank you very much
01:28 13-06-2018
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09:38 07-09-2017
Hey Alfredo - lovely icons, thank you for creating and sharing them. Would you consider creating a StackExchange pair?
01:29 13-06-2018
hey Stefan apologies for the late respond, do you still need this icon?
08:47 13-06-2018
Hey Alfredo! No worries about the response time, I'm sure you have lots of other things to do :) A Stackexchange icon with a white background would be really helpful, yes.
13:28 12-06-2017
This is Realy Awesome.. I came to know of this from Youtube channel name Mir Rom.. now it think to me i did wise thing to subscribe his channel....
18:27 12-06-2017
That's awesome thanks for sharing
17:40 06-03-2017
These are really nice. Any chance of a CC (Creative Commons) one to use to link back to your site?
18:27 12-06-2017
I'll look into it thanks!
12:07 25-02-2017
Awsome iconset Thank you
21:28 29-03-2017
Hello, no problem, thanks for the feedback!
17:58 17-11-2016
awe very fine and best design
03:52 23-12-2016
Thanks Sameer!
19:29 11-11-2016
Google + icon?
03:51 23-12-2016
Yes there is two Google + Icons
11:16 09-10-2016
I loooooooove em, but are there any music icons ;3
01:29 13-06-2018
Hi sure, do you still need the icon? I can create it.
00:34 16-09-2016
These are awesome! :) I'm trying to look through them all, though, and it looks like there isn't a wordpress one. Is one of those on the horizon? And if not, do you know where I'd be able to find one of a similar style? Thanks!
03:53 23-12-2016
Thanks for the feedback and Sorry I didn't see this message, I'll add it just check back in 24 hours.
05:25 06-01-2017
Is wordpress still planned?
05:33 16-01-2017
Hi Linh wordpress is up now, just been super bussssy
18:52 22-08-2016
Great icons! Is it just me or is there no lastfm?
02:31 23-08-2016
Ok will add soon
09:24 22-08-2016
Maybe you can add a 500px-Icon?
17:12 22-08-2016
What do you mean..
19:52 22-08-2016
500px.com .-)
02:31 23-08-2016
Ok will add soon
12:54 24-08-2016
Thanks a lot :-)
18:39 21-08-2016
NEW ICONS ADDED.. Feedly, Medium, Goodreads!
09:23 22-08-2016
06:55 28-03-2019
12:05 19-08-2016
Wow, great stuff! Can you add a Feedly-Logo?
18:39 21-08-2016
Hello Thanks! I added the Feedly logo
19:43 21-08-2016
Wow, thanks so much!!!:-)
07:48 25-07-2016
Thank you, any chance you could make the goodreads icon?
18:32 21-08-2016
Yes, I just uploaded. Good luck
21:00 03-07-2016
great set!
18:33 21-08-2016
Thank you so much :)
16:13 29-06-2016
you're welcome :)
12:40 28-06-2016
Hey, love these. Thank you for the icons. Can you add the medium icon ?
18:34 21-08-2016
Medium is now available :)
04:22 12-08-2016
Yes, same request here. :)
18:33 21-08-2016
Yes Medium is now available.
19:43 28-06-2016
will do, just waiting for other requests if any and will update soon
04:22 12-08-2016
If there's any chance you can add the Medium icon it would be great! Thanks for your great work!
18:33 21-08-2016
sorry for the wait should be up now
20:28 27-06-2016
10 New icons Added, Etsy, Amazon, Spotify, Zillow, Trulia Collection continues https://creativemarket.com/AlfredoCreates/759932-Navigation-Icons Will update this page on August 1, 2016 Just very busy so any requests just let me know! Good luck
19:27 20-06-2016
Hi Alfredo! Absolutely love your icons, thanks so much for providing them! I'm in real estate, any chance you could make the Zillow and Trulia icon?? :D
20:25 27-06-2016
Hello Thank you I added the Icons, best of luck!
12:01 11-06-2016
can you add a spotify logo ?
20:25 27-06-2016
Sure it's up
04:20 09-06-2016
can you add the etsy logo?
19:24 09-06-2016
ok I'll let you know
21:29 09-06-2016
thank you! Would love a circle with a black background.
20:25 27-06-2016
Ok It's up good luck
22:07 07-06-2016
Loving the icons. Could you add a github (catopuss) icon?
02:48 09-06-2016
Np, github added friend!
17:02 13-06-2016
Thank you very much!
01:44 11-05-2016
Really good what you've done here! Able to add soundcloud to the collection?
02:49 09-06-2016
very late but icons added enjoy!!
05:30 11-05-2016
Hi Lewis thanks, I'll keep soundcloud in mind, just check back soon.
09:23 01-05-2016
Hello Amazing Icons! If you make another round would be nice to see Snapchat, Xing, and yelp!
02:49 09-06-2016
late.. but all icons added to collection enjoy!!
20:22 01-05-2016
Hello Thank you, I forgot about those but sure I can add them. I'll let you guys know soon!
14:00 29-04-2016
Hey Alfredo - Great icons, Amazon would be a nice addition. Thanks!
20:25 27-06-2016
Amazon added good luck
02:50 09-06-2016
missed it I'll add soon!
15:41 29-04-2016
Hey! Thanks. I didn't actually think about it thanks for letting me know! I'll add it in the next round.
05:38 31-03-2016
Hey Everyone!! Just added 5 New Icons (2 Colors) • Google Plus • Location Pin • Phone • WWW • Bloglovin I will be adding a few more soon! :)
20:20 30-03-2016
Hi Alfredo! I love these icons. Thank you for sharing :) Will you do an icon for bloglovin? Thank you. Greetings Ana
05:36 31-03-2016
Hi Ana Thanks! and no problem, I added the Bloglovin Icon hope that helps!
07:04 31-03-2016
Thank you so much! :)
15:21 26-03-2016
Hi Alfredo! Do you have Phone icon and Google Plus icon with G+ and not this g+? I like very much your line. Is very elegant! Congratulations for your work! Greetings, Artur
05:36 31-03-2016
Thanks Artur! A few new icons were added including the Phone and G+, have fun and good luck with your work!
08:27 01-04-2016
Hi again Alfredo! Just one question, and I really hope not bother you with my question, but, about the phone icon, is it the "phone" really centered in the grey circle? Looks like it is not comparing with all the others, or is just a visual efect of the simbol phone? Thank you very much again! All my best, Artur
03:14 04-04-2016
Hey Artur yeah it was a little off, the new version should be up just try refreshing your browser, good luck!
12:00 05-04-2016
Thank you very much Alfredo! Is perfecto now! Greetings, Artur
08:13 01-04-2016
Thank you very much Alfredo! Definitely I really like your line! Greetings, Artur
09:08 07-03-2016
These are great. I know they are for social media but do you also have icons for phone, web and address?
05:35 31-03-2016
I've been sooo busy lately but the icons requested should be up now! Good luck
07:09 09-03-2016
Hi, I'll get up something soon and let you know! :)
10:24 30-11-2015
love these! Any chance you have one for email too? :)
05:02 31-03-2016
Hi Whitney, forgot to tell you that the email icon was added.
17:11 30-11-2015
Hello Thanks, I didn't think about it but I can add it. Just come back soon :)
19:09 30-11-2015
Sweet, can't wait! These are so sexy. Wish there was a way to upload a pic so you could see. I'll link you once I'm live! Hope I send lots of traffic your way :) You do logos and web graphics too?
04:27 12-11-2015
Hey Mathew thanks, glad you liked the set.
03:20 12-11-2015
cool set well done
03:48 06-04-2016
Hello, thank you!