2,084 vector (SVG) icons by Yannick Lung   License: Free for commercial use

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Yannick Lung

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Aug 11th, 2014
License: Free for commercial use
Vector: Yes
Category: MixedWeather
Style: Outline
Homepage: Visit homepage


Sven Kuhn • 09:43 13-12-2017

This comment has been deleted.

David Kruskop • 15:30 19-03-2017

best document and file management icon set available!

Sj Me • 09:37 08-06-2016

Great works. is there a way to download .ico files from home page?

Nandhini Mani • 22:55 15-04-2016

Thank you! Your icons are very well designed; your designs are perfect.

Abhay Tyagi • 11:51 16-03-2016

Thanks for doing what you do Yannick. Love your sense of design.. So simple and beautiful.

Abhay Tyagi • 11:50 16-03-2016

This comment has been deleted.

Ebbe Zeinstra • 18:27 21-02-2016

This comment has been deleted.

Johannes Stoll • 21:31 05-02-2016

Thanks a lot for this beautiful icon set. I will mention you in my open source project where I use your icons. If I find time, I will donate. Yannick you rock!

Marwan Saleh • 23:37 29-01-2016

U forget put icon cut and open and if I remember I will told u and if u put the cut and open I will be free happy Told me on marwangoog55@Gmail. Com

vik beo • 03:19 23-01-2016

Thanks a lot for such beautiful set.

Jia Xue • 03:46 13-07-2015

waitting ur new version,GJ

José António Santos • 19:44 01-07-2015

Good God... All this for free? I hope you have been paid abundantly. Terrific work

jason davide • 07:16 24-05-2015

Wow. SuperB works. I found all icon set which i need for my APP. Thank you.

Magda Eliot • 14:58 22-05-2015

Great icons, great job ! :) will be there any refresh / convert icons yet? Thanx :D

Yannick Lung • 08:45 10-06-2015

Hi Magda, Yes indeed there will be a new version. Follow up on Twitter (@Hawcons) or on Facebook (/Hawcons) for more news :)

Makoto Mori • 02:41 11-05-2015

Great job! I wanna say thank you from Japan!

Justin Min • 01:02 04-03-2015

helps enrich my website. Excellent!! Thank you Yannick Lung!

AD AD • 14:09 20-12-2014

Love it ! Thank you very much <3

Jörg Egger • 09:11 06-11-2014

The best free icon set I've ever seen. Great job!

Yannick Lung • 14:54 11-11-2014

Thanks man! Really appreciate it!

Zayetta Dasgupta • 20:22 30-10-2014

Hi, please explain the term 'Do Not Redistribute' - Can i use this for my company's print collateral ?

Yannick Lung • 14:53 11-11-2014

sure, you can! With 'Do Not Redistribute' it is meant that you do not sell the iconset itself

JuHyun Lee • 02:25 20-10-2014

Awsome! very nice. Would you make 'heart' image for me?

Yannick Lung • 14:52 11-11-2014

sure, just contact me via mail and I get it done for you :)

Pascal Sparszyk • 11:46 13-09-2014

I want to use this iconset in my next open source project. I really love the work and I want to donate to the creator. do you have any paypal account?

Yannick Lung • 15:49 13-09-2014

Hi Pascal, glas you like it! If you want to Monate, simply go to the website (http://hawcons.com) and scroll down. There is a little Monate button which brings you directly to PayPal :)

Nirav Raval • 05:13 06-09-2014

Really gr8... this make me feel good whenever I download :) Thnx buddy :)

Yannick Lung • 15:48 13-09-2014

Thanks for the kind words Nirav! :)

Yannick Lung • 15:47 13-09-2014

This comment has been deleted.


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You are free to use Hawcons for commercial and personal purposes without attribution, however a credit for the work would be appreciated. You may not sell or redistribute the icons themselves as icons. Do not claim creative credit. If you would like to support the work you can do this with the donate button on the website. If you have any additional questions please contact Hawcons via email or social networks.