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171 vector (SVG) icons
Free for commercial use
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About the icon set
Author: Picons.me
Added: Mar 15th, 2013
License: Free for commercial use
Vector: Yes
Categories: Social media
Style: Glyph
Homepage: Visit homepage
Icon set description

Picons Social is a bundle of 80 vector icons of your most favorite social services and applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest, Dribbble and many others. You are free to use them on your personal or business websites, interfaces or even other application, but you have to respect their owners rights and guidelines of use. Therefor the Picons.me license agreement doesn’t accour on them.

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11:58 13-04-2020
Can you add Gitlab icon?
19:38 22-04-2019
Could you possibly add the iTunes logo and also Tidal? :) Thanks so much!
15:10 27-03-2019
Great set. Would it be possible to add a circle icon for AngelList? You have an AngelList "peace sign" logo in the set, but not one on a dark circle background. Thanks!
18:53 01-04-2019
Daniel, it's already in the set. See here: https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/1181206/angellist_icon
11:45 14-02-2019
Very nice icon set! Can I use these for a free WP theme that I am coding? ( https://programorama.com/themes/ ) How about for a premium theme while we're at it? I would add a notice in the folder where I put the image files with a .txt file with credits. :)
15:37 14-02-2019
Hi Alexiuz, you can use them in a template, yes. If it's a free template then you can use up to 100 icons per template, for commercial templates the limit is 20 (with the regular license). More info about licenses here: http://picons.me/license.php
16:36 14-02-2019
Amazing, thanks.
05:40 07-07-2018
12:19 16-06-2018
this is so great, thank you!
21:56 15-01-2018
Thanks. Really appreciate your efforts!
05:59 30-04-2017
22:00 03-01-2017
Excellent work with icons
14:25 17-11-2016
Hello, can I use your icons for my website?
16:54 17-11-2016
Of course!
19:18 14-11-2016
Any chance you could add a Goodreads icon?
14:25 01-09-2016
Gasper, these icons are perfect! Would love to have one for Houzz that matches the black coin shaped icons (facebook, instagram, google+, pinterest).
14:37 26-09-2016
Looks great! Thanks!
15:48 30-05-2016
* Update 3.2 - 16 new icons added: Google Inbox, Periscope, Blackberry, Viber, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Gmail, Airbnb, AngelList, Uber, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Bing, Reddit & ProductHunt
15:13 01-06-2016
Sweet. I'll tweet about it.
09:11 13-05-2016
* Update v.3.1 - New Instagram icon
20:18 13-05-2016
Great work, Gasper!
19:12 16-03-2016
would be amazing have one google inbox icon :)
18:58 03-03-2016
Thanks for putting this together! These icons are fantastic! I would love to use some of these icons for my commercial website, but I found it would be easiest to use them with css if they were imported as a font. Would this be an acceptable use of your icons? (I don't plan on selling them, but I'm all for crediting you in the html!)
07:47 05-03-2016
Sure, you can use them as an iconfont.
19:04 06-03-2016
Thank you!
16:06 02-03-2016
Thanks a lot! It's amazing!
01:49 28-01-2016
I really like these! Very modern.
16:10 16-12-2015
Update: new Google, Google+, Medium, ebay, snapchat, whatsapp, edge, outlook...
10:28 24-11-2015
Great work - would like to see a outlook one one
16:09 16-12-2015
Outlook is added.
16:03 19-09-2015
*Update: Vine, Medium & Slack icons added.
12:11 18-08-2015
Hi I would like to use some of your free for commercial use icons for my business website. I have researched about free for commercial use but I would like to double check if I can use these icons for free on my business website.
12:21 18-08-2015
You are free to use them on your personal or business websites, interfaces or even other application, but you have to respect their owners rights and guidelines of use. The brands, used in the icons, are not owned by us.
13:17 18-08-2015
Ok thank you for your advice. All I am using them for is a link to fb page, twitter page etc
20:12 17-08-2015
Hello I may be using some of your icons on www.enterfan.com soon come check it out.
14:23 18-07-2015
top work - would love to see a Spotify one
11:33 20-07-2015
Amazing, thanks Gasper!
00:35 30-06-2015
These are fantastic! I'd love to see a yelp icon, though
17:02 07-07-2015
Hey Conner! As promised, the Yelp icons are up and available for free! https://www.iconfinder.com/search/?q=iconset%3Apicons-social+yelp
06:52 08-07-2015
Great service, Gasper.
00:58 08-07-2015
Thank you so much!!
15:14 01-07-2015
Thanks, I will add Yelp ASAP! ;)
15:18 27-02-2015
Wow! Thanks for sharing!
14:44 22-02-2015
19:03 31-01-2015
Thanks :)
07:59 31-01-2015
thanks a ton!!
10:47 28-01-2015
thanks !! these are great.
17:18 20-01-2015
New icons added (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, iOS, OS X, new deviant art & evernote).
18:33 28-01-2015
Thanks Gasper!
18:36 06-01-2015
Can you please update the StumbleUpon social icon?
20:51 08-01-2015
Updated! :)
14:44 12-01-2015
Thanks !! A great set !!
16:25 07-01-2015
Sure, expect an updated icon in a day or two! Thanks for the suggestion.
21:09 07-01-2015
Thank you for being responsive!
03:25 15-12-2014
11:37 12-12-2014
Outstanding! It's even got Soundcloud. Thank you. :)
13:11 28-10-2014
nice :)
07:06 02-10-2014
so nice !
19:25 15-09-2014
great work!! and how about WhatsApp? ;-) it would be great to have it as well.
11:06 26-10-2014
08:46 21-08-2014
08:33 12-07-2014
Great work! :)
07:39 01-05-2014
Super nice icons. I will use some of them for my website ;-)
15:44 20-04-2014
We will add new icons soon. Your suggestions are always welcome ...
20:37 07-01-2015
Love this icon pack but it's missing one thing I would like to see. Could you add one for Github?
20:51 08-01-2015
GitHub icon added (rounded and normal version)!
22:08 08-01-2015
Thank you!
22:32 07-01-2015
Sure! We will add the Github icon tomorrow, with the update of StumbleUpon icon. Thanks for the suggestion!
10:46 20-04-2014
Clean ! Thanks ;)
13:14 23-03-2014
Cool! :)
07:08 21-02-2014
beauty bird hhhh
14:09 11-02-2014
Very clean and crisp, like it :)
06:58 04-02-2014
Nice Icons.
12:43 30-12-2013
23:18 09-10-2013
21:20 03-10-2013
Excellent Icons, Thanks.