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About the icon set
Author: Icons Design
Added: Jun 13th, 2014
License: Creative Commons (Attribution 3.0 Unported)
Vector: Yes
Icon family: Slim Square Icons
Categories: Arrows Desktop software
Style: Outline
Icon set description

A set of square, thin, outlined icons for general use.

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11:36 18-12-2015
Could you add a backspace and trash can icon this this set? That would be really nice if you could. Thanks again :)
09:57 21-09-2015
How do i get white icon rather than black??
21:12 21-09-2015
There are 2 ways to do it: 1. Open the png file in photoshop and use color overlay and then save it. 2. Open the svg file in illustrator and change color to white. Hope this helps:)
10:49 24-08-2015
These are the best icons ever, well done :)
22:49 24-08-2015
15:16 25-08-2015
One suggestion, could you add a contacts icon to THIS set as well?
17:04 25-08-2015
Sure! Thanks for the suggestion. If there is any other icons you want me to add, please let me know.
08:50 28-08-2015
Thank you so much for adding a contacts icon. One more suggestion, how about a delete or 'trash can' icon and a setting/edit icon? That would be REALLY useful if you could add those. Thanks again :)
20:29 29-08-2015
Added some more:)
14:39 14-09-2015
Thanks your the best!
17:38 04-05-2015
@Courtney Nunn, I think that's fine. Thanks for the courtesy.
12:15 04-05-2015
Can i use in my desktop app. if i put you in credit/about dialog. with a link to this location?
02:24 01-05-2015
@Peter Björk thanks
15:06 30-04-2015
Very nice
15:41 29-03-2015
nice icons. Really like them!
14:57 09-01-2015
Thank you
03:44 29-11-2014
@Roger Ramos, thanks!
13:22 28-11-2014
Very good design. I like very simple icons.
07:54 12-09-2014
oh no,Why can‘t enter Chinese
07:54 12-09-2014
oh no,Why can‘t enter Chinese
07:52 12-09-2014
20:14 03-08-2014
12:14 03-08-2014
22:12 29-03-2015
@El Younssi Wahib thanks!