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May 13th, 2014
License: Creative Commons (Attribution 3.0 Unported)
Vector: Yes
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Style: Flat
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Ya Da • 03:08 17-10-2017

Please add Twitter and Instagram. Thanks.

guokai zhang • 03:10 26-09-2016

This comment has been deleted.

Steve Polus • 14:44 30-08-2016

Great icons, wish we could download them as a zip file!

Jen Mo • 20:39 31-12-2015

These are great! Thank you so much!

Fabien Branded (Branded Packaging Ltd) • 13:50 23-11-2015

Great set ! I love it. Do you have a normal box in this set?

KIJIN KIM • 12:15 18-11-2015

May I use a commercial, on my application? :)

Simon Hütten • 18:52 10-08-2015

I love the set but I can not find the full trashbin :,(

Chrisi West • 20:15 19-06-2015

I love pretty much everything in this set! THANK YOU!

Joe Ahart • 22:59 20-05-2015

Hi! This set is amazing, I'd like to use some on my site for my menus, but a link would disrupt my design quite a bit. Would it be acceptable to use with a link to your repository in my header metadata?

Simke Ongena • 14:58 19-04-2015

Great icons, thank you!! Which text do I have to include exactly in my colophon if I use these icons for print? It's not really clear to me...

Arnaud CHESNE (Paomedia) • 17:04 22-04-2015

Thanks, I dont know exactly but I guess something like "small-n-flat icons by Paomedia (CC BY 3.0)" would do the trick. Don't worry, I won't sue anyone :)

Kevin Unbekannt • 08:19 06-04-2015

I love these icons and would like to use them for the menu of my website. Sadly there is no possibility to write the author and license right under the icons. Is it ok for you if i write it in the impressum only? Greetings from germany!

Colin Stannard • 01:17 04-04-2015

You can download all the icons in one go at different dimensions from This includes pngs for 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 72x72, 96x96, 128x128, 256x256 and 512x512. There's also a brief tutorial on how to build custom sizes in bin/

stanley chukwu • 19:58 01-10-2014

nice set men, you the best.. thanks alot for making em free. a million thanks from ukraine.

Aras Irvash • 16:48 27-07-2014

Oops, 512x and 256x aren't included in github :(

Colin Stannard • 00:21 04-04-2015

Make the folders 128, 256 and 512 in the png folder - and add: inkscape -f $f -e ../png/128/${name/.svg/.png} -d 480 inkscape -f $f -e ../png/256/${name/.svg/.png} -d 960 inkscape -f $f -e ../png/512/${name/.svg/.png} -d 1920 to bin/ then run ./ to build

Aras Irvash • 16:45 27-07-2014

Never mind, saw the github Thanks these are awesome :D

Aras Irvash • 16:43 27-07-2014

How can I download the icon set all together at once?


svg icons on a 24px grid