Nov 12th, 2013
License: Creative Commons (Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported)
Vector: Yes
Category: UIWeather
Style: Glyph
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Kyle Munley • 15:24 15-07-2016

These are fantastic. Thank you for such meticulous and wonderful work!



Version 2.0 of Typicons, including source SVG files and the Fontello script used to generate the font files. Visit the website for information on how to use Typicons on your website, a decription of how the font was made and more resources.

If you wish to contact me regarding Typicons you can hit me up on Twitter.


What's new in Typicons

  • added 220 new icons, including outline variants
  • improved quality of vector artwork
  • mapped in the Private Use Area of Unicode to avoid being read by screen readers
  • rehinted with ttfautohint
  • grouped glyphs on demo page, for convenience
  • changed css glyphs names, to be more semantic


Icons, font

Artwork (and original font) by Stephen Hutchings:

Distributed under CC BY-SA licence.


This project uses font-builder scripts to generate data. See DEVELOPMENT.MD for more information on how to build the font.

To Do

  • Batch creation of EPS, PNG and CSS files, as well as archive ZIP
  • Add search queries to the CONFIG