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300 vector (SVG) icons by Laura Reen · Basic license


Laura Reen

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About the icon set
Author: Laura Reen
Added: Mar 18th, 2016
License: Basic license
Vector: Yes
Categories: Network & communications SEO & web
Style: Flat
Icon set description

more coming soon

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11:43 20-06-2018
Why is this page only showing 100 icons? I thought there were 300 in this set.
Laura Reen Iconset designer
12:48 02-07-2018
i had just checked, all 300 icons are visible :) thanks
Laura Reen Iconset designer
12:02 20-06-2018
i have contacted support. There should be 300 icons. Let's wait if this can be fixed, and all icons be visible.
Iconfinder ApS Administrator
12:32 21-06-2018
We are aware of the bug. We'll get it fixed asap.
06:28 12-02-2017
Is there anyway you could make the lightbulb brain icon in ikooni flat?
12:07 03-06-2016
Larisa, stunning work, indeed!
Laura Reen Iconset designer
10:13 09-06-2016
Thanks, Alexey! :)
Hi, Could you please tell me that if we buy an icon set, can we get all sizes of the icons or just one size of the icons?
Iconfinder ApS Administrator
10:50 11-04-2016
You will get all sizes and both PNG and SVG versions.
Laura Reen Iconset designer
10:59 11-04-2016
And come back to this page, i'm going to update this icon set with more icons, so you will be able to download them too after purchase of whole icon set :)
We have purchased icon set and already started use them :) . How will you inform us about update? Will you send e-mail for instance?
Laura Reen Iconset designer
13:33 08-05-2016
i had updated set from 150 icons to 300, and fixed 2 icons in previous one :) will not make updates to this set anymore, maybe 1-2 icons on someone request only. Thanks for using icons!
Laura Reen Iconset designer
14:13 11-04-2016
Unfortunatelly there is no notification for such update, you need to come to this link again, when you use icons next time. I will upload more icons during next few month :)
Iconfinder ApS Administrator
08:21 12-04-2016
@larysa We need that feature :)
18:54 24-03-2016
Many of the icons have really unique metaphors. Even the more general symbols are treated with a distinct finishes. Definitely worth the price.
Laura Reen Iconset designer
13:29 31-03-2016
that is honor to hear comlement from such master as you, Zlatko :)
Iconfinder ApS Administrator
13:43 22-03-2016
Great icons, Laura. I've featured them on the homepage.
Laura Reen Iconset designer
09:11 23-03-2016
thanks, Martin :)
04:36 21-03-2016
Laura Reen Iconset designer
08:32 22-03-2016
thanks :)