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Purrity illustrations

Family with 288 illustrations by Ramy Wafaa Wadee Abdou Bektor

Meet Purrity, our latest stunning and highly detailed illustration pack with hundreds of creative ideas and categories that will bring your designs to the next level Purrity illustration pack is one of our most valued assets that we have been building for over 4 months and will be adding more subjects and variations to the categories as we continue work on updates during the next weeks. The illustrations feature different characters with their pets " Mostly cats, that's why Purr in the name 🐱" doing their daily activity wether it is work, sports, meetings, yoga and much more + a special Avatar pack. The ideas we put into these creative illustrations are limitless, you can use the same image to convey so many meanings. The style used to draw is filled outlines with fully editable vector strokes, we used a single accent color that can be modified to fit your brand in seconds. Enjoy this great pack 😺✨