ikooni outline: Free Basic

42 vector (SVG) icons by Laura Reen · Creative Commons (Attribution 3.0 Unported)


Laura Reen

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About the icon set
Author: Laura Reen
Added: Mar 2nd, 2015
License: Creative Commons (Attribution 3.0 Unported)
Vector: Yes
Categories: UI
Style: Outline
Icon set description

ikooni outline: Free Basic You can find more icons in ikooni outline: SEO & Web https://www.iconfinder.com/iconsets/ikooni-outline-seo-web

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19:18 26-10-2017
Awesome icons, thank you very much :)
05:46 22-07-2017
nice icons
18:30 11-11-2016
21:43 10-11-2016
manda nudes <3
08:05 23-09-2016
Thanks lot. Just perfect, clear design and I love them. Useful !!! Have a nice time Laura!
06:59 09-09-2016
great.. many thanks.. Laura can u add circle icons for - downloads, save, reject
20:46 13-08-2016
great icons .. (y)
11:08 14-08-2016
thank for using my icons!
14:34 22-07-2016
thanks, great designs
11:09 14-08-2016
thanks :)
Hi Laura, loved this icons, they are just perfect, is it possible to you to add like a chart, and put the plus inside the magnifier ? Really liked your work
11:12 14-08-2016
Hi Victor, i already have such icon in another icon set: https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/457044/analytics_competetive_diagram_pie_chart_report_search_statistics_icon#size=128, maybe it can cover your needs?
18:08 25-06-2016
Thank You for the icon. They are awesome.
08:01 16-07-2016
thanks for using them :)
21:36 12-05-2016
Hello Laura! Would it be possible to add a "subscription" icon, and "Variable" icon? :D
07:57 16-07-2016
Hi Metthew, this one works for subscribtion: https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/364016/contact_us_email_envelope_letter_mail_reply_subscribe_icon#size=128 Do you still need variable?
08:26 12-05-2016
Wanted to say thanks for using these icons, also, some of them I edited =) for my better use. You also can see it here. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.slavafleer.tipcalculator02
12:23 05-05-2016
13:32 19-02-2016
Hey Laura, I've a life insurance company as a client. This set and your other one has fab icons. I've got all that I need for their entire business already discovered except one that represents family. Can you help?
08:13 16-07-2016
Angela, sorry i just saw your message. Do you still need this icon?
14:39 06-02-2016
Hi Laura, sorry to bother again and again, Isit possible for you to createicon of "refresh" to add to the collection? please. Don't worry your icons have already authoring in my project.
15:13 07-02-2016
Hi, Renzo :) you are the biggest user of this set :) here you go:https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/974778/arrow_circle_refresh_reload_renew_sync_syncronize_icon#size=128 please, share your project :)
21:06 07-02-2016
Sure, but is a desktop project, in seven days ends and I'll share images. I will put your website in the section "about this software" :) Thank you for all icons.
05:30 12-01-2016
Hi Laura, sorry to bother again after long time, Is it possible for you to create icon of "printer" to add to the collection? please
13:50 14-01-2016
Nice! thank you Laura, your work is amazing!
15:26 14-01-2016
Renzo, you are welcomed! :)
15:26 13-12-2015
Hi Laura, I was wondering if we can create a solid set out of these icons. Basically I have 10-12 icons mostly from this set that I need in solid form. Kind of like the new Twiter icons or the Skype icons.
07:25 14-12-2015
Hi Ace, yes, you can contact me through "Send message" form on this page https://www.iconfinder.com/DemSt or order it through https://www.iconfinder.com/custom-icon-design.
16:29 02-12-2015
Hi Laura, I used a free icon created by you here: http://www.packal.org/workflow/show-mac-desktop. Thanks for the clean and elegant work!
07:25 14-12-2015
thanks for choosing this set :)
07:40 31-10-2015
I am speechless on this amazing work. Thank u.
08:22 03-11-2015
you are welcome! :)
14:42 02-10-2015
Thanks, simple but good design.
15:08 02-10-2015
thanks :) yes, this icon set supporting more complex meaning icon set: https://www.iconfinder.com/iconsets/ikooni-outline-seo-web
23:02 03-09-2015
Thanks Laura. One more request. Are you able to create a gas pump?
05:59 04-09-2015
Hi Ka Li, i do custom icons, contact me through email fraureen-icons@yahoo.com. Thanks, Laura
15:56 03-09-2015
Hi Laura, Are you able to add a 'map' and 'boarding pass' icon? Great work btw. -KL
15:45 16-07-2015
Sorry to bother again, Is it possible for you to create icon of "sign out" to add to the collection? please
22:31 20-07-2015
Sure, your icons have already authoring in my project :)
07:55 15-07-2015
Hi Laura , Could you create an icon related to air travel to the collection. Apologies to bother you with such a request but it would be really helpful to complete my assignment :)
18:13 10-07-2015
Sorry to bother, Is it possible for you to create icon of a trash to add to the collection? please
02:02 09-07-2015
Is it possible for you to create icon of a minus to add to the collection? please
02:27 02-07-2015
good icon!! Thank you
12:08 26-05-2015
nice icon thanks for share
18:37 10-05-2015
Is it possible for you to create image of a wheelbarrow to add to the collection?
20:41 08-05-2015
Geniales !!! :D
18:05 07-05-2015
Спасибо. :)
Спасибо, Лариса! :)
15:55 16-04-2015
great Icons ty
05:42 09-04-2015
thank for ur icons
13:46 15-04-2015
you are welcome :)