Ikooni outline: SEO & Web

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About the icon set
Author: Laura Reen
Added: Nov 11th, 2014
License: Basic license
Vector: Yes
Icon family: ikooni
Categories: Marketing & SEO IT infrastructure
Style: Outline
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Ikooni outline: SEO & Web

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16:16 12-05-2020
add database icon please
16:20 12-05-2020
Hello Francis, Database is already here: https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/363975/data_center_hosting_server_icon , please, use this icon
21:43 06-05-2020
thumbs up and down
20:50 06-05-2020
Threat icon ?
02:03 19-04-2020
Please add trashcan for this ICONS please and firewall too
09:52 22-04-2020
Hello Francis, Trashcan is in another set: https://www.iconfinder.com/iconsets/ikooni-outline-free-basic Please, use for firewall one of shields: https://www.iconfinder.com/search/?q=iconset%3Aikooni-outline-seo-web+shield&from=navbar&style=glyph Hope this will be helpful!
03:03 24-02-2020
These icons are a gold mine thank you so much
The icons are excellent, I 'd like more audio-related stuff.
The icons are excellent, I 'd like more audio-related stuff.
20:05 30-04-2019
Hi Laura, do have some more "gender balanced" icons? All leadership icons are men-orientated and I am looking for some more diverse. Thanks, Tania
02:00 03-11-2018
Laura I love your icons, but can you please make them a little more gender diverse? Icons like this should really include a woman (or two!) as well: https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/364004/audience_targeting_businessman_leader_management_icon
15:50 12-11-2018
Yes, Esther. They are not gender equal, but i uploaded you woman variants to another icons set: https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/3918149/leam_management_manager_woman_icon https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/3918148/employee_man_partner_woman_icon Hope you like them :) Thanks, Laura
17:41 19-05-2018
Laura, so you have a fax symbol in this theme?
13:56 23-05-2018
17:26 09-10-2017
Laura, have you ever done one to represent Elastic Infrastructure?
08:37 13-10-2017
Hi Aaron, unfortunatelly i haven’t designed this icon.
14:43 24-01-2018
This would be a great icon to add to the collection. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elasticity_(cloud_computing)
17:44 01-02-2018
Hi Tina and Aaron, i was not able to add this icon in this icon set due to quantity limitation, but you can find in another set few version of it: https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/2929464/cloud_clouding_computing_dynamic_elastic_elasticity_storage_icon#size=128 https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/2929495/cloud_clouding_computing_dynamic_elastic_elasticity_storage_icon#size=128 hope you find it useful. Thanks, Laura
13:41 27-10-2016
Hi Laura, These are great, simple and stylish. Excellent job. I do notice you have one icon for Agile / Scrum. Do you have any other icons in the same style that cover more of Agile or the meetings and output from Scrum? Would also be interested in Kanban and DevOps icons as well.
09:21 10-11-2016
Hi Jonathan. Unfortunatelly there are no icons as Kanban and DevOps, but you always can order custom icons for you through IconFinder service: https://www.iconfinder.com/custom-icon-design. Thanks for using my icons! :)
23:08 27-06-2016
Hello - do you happen to have a funnel icon in the same style?
07:51 16-07-2016
Hi Metthew, there is no funnel, but if you still need it i can create it (because it match this icon set). Did you mean filter funnel?
16:19 16-07-2016
Yea just a simple filter funnel icon will work perfectly
04:00 23-05-2016
i need your help for make SEO for ezpopsy this is my brand of clothing. http://www.ezpopsy.com
06:39 24-05-2016
Hi, please, contact me through "Send message" button here https://www.iconfinder.com/DemSt, or this page https://www.iconfinder.com/custom-icon-design, and i will help you. Thanks, Laura
17:45 10-02-2016
Your sets are awesome and have purchased from 2 separate sets. One important missing icon which I need badly is a 'home' icon. Thanks and keep up the excellent designs.
19:51 13-02-2016
Hi Jason, Home icon doesn't fit this set, and more fits generic, so i created and upload it to another set: https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/987495/building_home_home_page_house_landing_main_page_property_icon#size=128 here you go.
00:04 06-02-2016
Hello Laura, your sets are awesome. Thanks for creating them, just purchasing a few. However I need your help on four icons I am missing for - Courier (scooter), Truck, Express Truck and a shipping container. Thanks again.
15:14 07-02-2016
Hi, Jasmine. I'm very busy right now, but putting those 4 icons in my todo list!
00:39 12-02-2016
Hi Laura, apologies for pushing this but when can you help with the requested icons? I really need them.. Thanks.
19:34 13-02-2016
Hi, if you will need something urgent, i advice you to go to Custom Icons Design (https://www.iconfinder.com/custom-icon-design), and IconFinder will push your icons as priority. I have created your icons, but they do not fit this icon set, please, email me on [email protected], i will send them by email. Thanks, Laura
22:10 07-02-2016
Thank you, will wait for them then :)
15:16 04-12-2015
Just purchased the set of icons Laura...Thanks so much, they are awesome. Is it possible to add others or perhaps point me to ones that you may have already made available? - Frustration - Big Data - Data Quality - Spiriling Costs or High Costs - Disruption I have others but this is a start!!! Thanks again.
15:59 10-12-2015
Hi Glyn, i will make little update when this will be possible due to iconfinder server. If you need custom icons, you can contact me directly or throught iconfinder service.
09:46 08-12-2015
I just noticed this question. Laura will answer it soon, I'm sure. I just wanted to chip and tell you that you can go to Laura's page and use the search field below here name: https://www.iconfinder.com/DemSt That search field will only search through her icons.
13:12 19-10-2015
Hi Laura, I love your style. We were wondering if you could add an icon to depict; "add new user" Probably the same head and shoulders profile of a person, with a "+" next to them? Thanks
07:05 01-10-2015
im developing web application at the moment, for description tab , i need microphone icon as ur style version, is it able to make it?
00:02 02-10-2015
Can i know this blue color code?
09:05 06-01-2017
23:40 01-10-2015
i bought icon set . thx:)
06:12 02-10-2015
sorry, it was a problem during posting comment...
05:42 02-10-2015
Thanks for supporting this icons set :) blue code is 3B97D3, and dark blue - 2C3E50
09:41 01-07-2015
Hi Am i able to change the colours of the icons?
14:39 01-07-2015
Hi, Lloyd. Icons in available in SVG after purchase, so you can edit everything using AI. Or follow steps in article: http://blog.iconfinder.com/4-easy-ways-change-color-icons/ . Thanks, Laura
07:31 02-07-2015
Thanks very much - purchased yesterday - looks great
18:15 30-05-2015
I'm not a Premium member, so I can't send you a message, but I'd like to order some icons from you if it's possible. Is there any other way I can contact you?
Thanks! Great collection!
13:25 25-05-2015
Hey, I want to use a icon of this set for a commercial Woltlab Community Framework (see woltlab.com) plugin. Is it allowed by you to use it for a commercial plugin in a logo?
14:28 26-05-2015
Hi, Joshua, Basic License says (https://www.iconfinder.com/licenses/basic): The Licensed Material may not be: Incorporated into a logo or other trademark, but i can create unique icon for you for logo purpose.
14:11 19-03-2015
The Icon tags is flap patch sewing icon. And was removed from Icon Finder. ;(
10:16 31-03-2015
Hi Flavio, sorry, but i never had sewing icons in my collections, maybe you have found it in works of other designer.
14:09 19-03-2015
Hi, Im finding sewing pack.you removed?
10:26 07-03-2015
This package have .ai and .eps format file?
07:21 09-03-2015
Hi Alex, all icons in this package available in SVG (vector) format, which you can open in Illustrator or CorelDraw.
08:15 09-03-2015
They are available in AI and CSH for Pro subscribers.
07:12 26-02-2015
Thank you, Adi. I have changed icon with correct color scheme!
20:26 23-02-2015
Thanks for this set, my app is now awesome :)
14:14 24-02-2015
Thanks for comment :) really curious how your app look like :)
16:59 11-02-2015
Stegosaurus is so adorable!
20:05 12-02-2015
One my friend told me that in any serious set should be some funny icons :) thanks for getting a sight of Stegosaurus! :)
20:02 12-12-2014
Really, awesome set!
12:50 11-02-2015
Thanks! Have updated it, so more usefull icons in same style :)
23:00 01-12-2014
Very useful
12:50 11-02-2015
Thanks! :)