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About the icon set
Author: Martial Red
Added: Sep 25th, 2015
License: Creative Commons (Attribution 3.0 Unported)
Vector: Yes
Icon family: Social & Productivity Rounded
Categories: Social media
Style: Glyph
Icon set description

A set of social network icons of the highest quality.

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08:08 14-06-2020
Thanks for the quality
16:17 05-08-2019
Hi, wanna thank the designers for their talents, efforts and dedication for these icons and their availability on this platform. Very useful and resourceful for beginner web designers. Keep it up friends
18:17 26-06-2019
I posted on here about a month ago. Since then I have created some things with these icons. I highly doubt it, but no one can monetize them if used for something right? Like if I made things in Apple Motion and used these icons with them, would that be possible to do for a service fee for others as long as attribution is given to you?
21:55 29-05-2019
Hi, this might be a stupid question, but if I used these icons and created something in Apple Motion is that okay to use for my YouTube channel? Is there an attribution required? Thanks!
01:37 30-05-2019
Yeah, you can use it on your YouTube channel. Some attribution on the description section of the video would be nice.
01:41 30-05-2019
Just tell me what to put and I certainly will!
01:45 30-05-2019
"Social media icons created by Martial Red." Just link "Martial Red" to my IconFinder page: https://www.iconfinder.com/MaxIcon
01:59 30-05-2019
Thank you. I'll certainly enjoy being able utilize them as it's difficult to find such quality icons.
09:26 21-02-2017
i like your design
03:48 31-01-2017
thank you! they're clean, I love them ^^
19:38 02-12-2016
Great set! 😉
01:59 08-11-2016
thanks martial, :)
10:07 26-05-2016
Nice !! And so fast on the new Instagram ;)
19:39 02-12-2016
Totally agree! 😊
10:42 24-05-2016
Very nice icons, thanks!!!
20:39 15-05-2016
Really good , ¡Thanks Martin!
14:46 27-11-2015
16:40 06-11-2015
Thank you